35 Things to Talk About on a Podcast

Beth Bagley
February 15, 2024
35 Things to Talk About on a Podcast

Podcasts have become a big part of our digital lives, offering a platform for voices and ideas to be heard across the globe. Whether you're just starting out or looking to inject new life into your existing podcast, choosing engaging topics is key to capturing and retaining your audience's attention.

In this article, we focus on practical and interesting ideas for podcast discussions, how to decide if a topic should be discussed on your show, and how to strategically title episodes for engagement and SEO.

Below are 35 podcast topic ideas sorted into the following categories:

  • Business
  • Educational
  • Hobbies + Interests
  • Lifestyle
  • Current Events



Technology podcasts keep listeners at the forefront of innovation, covering the latest gadgets, breakthroughs, and trends in the tech industry. This topic appeals to tech enthusiasts and professionals looking to stay informed, understand the impact of technology on society, and explore the future possibilities that tech advancements hold.

Career Advice and Job Market Insights

Career advice podcasts offer guidance on navigating the job market, developing professional skills, and advancing in one's career. This topic appeals to job seekers and professionals looking for tips on career growth, networking, and achieving professional goals.

Business Advice and Entrepreneurship

Podcasts on business advice and entrepreneurship share strategies, success stories, and challenges of starting and running a business. This topic appeals to entrepreneurs and business professionals, offering inspiration, practical advice, and insights into the entrepreneurial journey.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising podcasts discuss trends, strategies, and case studies in the world of marketing. This topic appeals to marketing professionals and business owners looking to enhance their brand presence, engage with audiences, and drive growth through effective marketing practices.

Legal Advice and Discussions

Legal advice podcasts provide insights into legal issues, rights, and the justice system, offering listeners a better understanding of legal matters that may affect them. This topic appeals to those seeking legal knowledge, clarity on legal proceedings, and discussions on law-related topics in an accessible format.


Learning a New Skill

Podcasts focusing on learning new skills can serve as an invaluable resource for listeners eager to expand their knowledge and capabilities. By breaking down complex subjects into digestible episodes, hosts can guide listeners through the process of acquiring new abilities, whether it's coding, cooking, or carpentry. This topic resonates with the innate human desire for growth and self-improvement. Engaging experts to share tips, challenges, and success stories can make the learning process relatable and achievable, inspiring listeners to embark on their journeys of discovery and mastery.

Language Learning

Language learning podcasts provide lessons, tips, and resources for acquiring new languages, catering to learners at various proficiency levels. This topic appeals to polyglots and those looking to expand their linguistic abilities, offering accessible and engaging content that supports language acquisition.

Art and Culture

Art and culture podcasts explore the world of visual arts, literature, theater, and cultural phenomena, offering critiques, interviews, and discussions that deepen listeners' appreciation and understanding of the arts. This topic appeals to culture enthusiasts and creatives, providing a platform for exploration, inspiration, and cultural engagement.

Philosophy and Existential Questions

Philosophy podcasts explore philosophical theories, existential questions, and the big ideas that have puzzled humanity. This topic attracts deep thinkers and those curious about the nature of reality, ethics, and the human condition, offering stimulating discussions that challenge perspectives and provoke thought.

DIY Projects

DIY project podcasts inspire listeners to tackle home improvement, crafts, and creative endeavors, offering step-by-step guides, design ideas, and success stories. This topic appeals to the maker spirit, encouraging creativity, self-sufficiency, and the satisfaction of creating something with one's own hands.


History podcasts can bring the past to life, exploring events, figures, and eras that have shaped the world. By weaving narratives that connect the past to the present, these podcasts can make history accessible and engaging, appealing to history buffs and casual listeners alike with stories of triumph, tragedy, and transformation.

Hobbies + Interests

True Crime

True crime podcasts research criminal cases, unsolved mysteries, and forensic analyses, offering gripping narratives that captivate listeners. The appeal lies in the psychological intrigue, the pursuit of justice, and the exploration of the darker aspects of human nature, providing a compelling listening experience that combines storytelling with investigative journalism.

Celebrity News and Gossip

Podcasts focusing on celebrity news and gossip offer insights into the lives of the famous, discussing their careers, personal lives, and the entertainment industry. This topic appeals to pop culture enthusiasts, providing a mix of entertainment, speculation, and analysis that keeps listeners connected to the glamorous world of celebrities.

Music and Playlists

Music podcasts can explore genres, artists, and musical history, often featuring curated playlists that introduce listeners to new sounds and deep cuts. This topic appeals to music lovers and audiophiles, offering a sonic journey through diverse musical landscapes and the stories behind the songs.


Covering specific events or groups can connect listeners with communities and happenings they care about or are curious about. From tech conferences to music festivals, such podcasts can offer behind-the-scenes insights, interviews with participants, and discussions on outcomes or impacts. This topic appeals to listeners by bringing them closer to experiences they may not have direct access to, enriching their understanding and appreciation of different cultures, industries, or hobbies.

Book Reviews and Summaries

Podcasts that provide book reviews and summaries cater to avid readers and those looking to discover their next great read. Hosts can explore themes, characters, and authorial intent, offering critical analyses that enhance listeners' engagement with literature. This format is particularly appealing for its ability to introduce listeners to new genres, uncover hidden gems, and foster a community of book lovers through shared discussions and recommendations.

Horror and Conspiracy Theories

Podcasts in the horror and conspiracy theory genres explore the macabre, the mysterious, and the unexplained. These topics attract listeners with a penchant for the eerie and the speculative, offering chilling tales and intriguing theories that challenge reality and provoke the imagination.


Sports podcasts can capture the thrill of the game, offering analyses, player interviews, and commentary on the latest matches and news. By focusing on specific sports, teams, or leagues, hosts can cater to dedicated fan bases, providing in-depth coverage that goes beyond mainstream media. This topic appeals to sports enthusiasts craving insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and a sense of community with fellow fans.

Movie and TV Review

Reviewing movies and TV shows, podcasters can dive into plot analyses, character development, and thematic explorations, offering listeners a deeper appreciation of visual storytelling. This topic attracts cinephiles and casual viewers alike, providing a platform for discussion, debate, and discovery of hidden gems in the vast landscape of film and television.


Podcasts about pets and wild animals can share care tips, conservation efforts, and fascinating animal behavior insights. This topic resonates with animal lovers and conservationists, offering a blend of educational content, heartwarming stories, and calls to action for wildlife protection and responsible pet ownership.


Comedy podcasts offer a respite from the every day, delivering laughs and light-hearted entertainment that can brighten listeners' days. Whether through stand-up excerpts, humorous storytelling, or banter between hosts, these podcasts tap into the universal joy of laughter, making them a popular choice for those looking to unwind and be entertained.

Cooking and Baking

Podcasts about cooking and baking share recipes, culinary techniques, and food culture, appealing to food enthusiasts and home cooks. These podcasts offer a sensory exploration of flavors, traditions, and the joy of cooking, providing inspiration and practical tips for culinary adventures at home.


Fashion podcasts can dissect the latest trends, interview designers, and discuss the impact of fashion on society. This topic appeals to fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders, offering insights into the creative process, sustainability in fashion, and the ever-evolving landscape of personal expression through clothing.


Gaming podcasts cover the latest in video games, industry news, and gamer culture, offering reviews, developer interviews, and discussions on gaming trends. This topic appeals to gamers and industry enthusiasts, providing a space for community, entertainment, and insights into the gaming world.


Travel Tips and Recommendations

Travel podcasts transport listeners to new destinations, offering tips, recommendations, and cultural insights that enrich their travel experiences. From budget travel hacks to luxury getaways, these podcasts can cater to a wide range of interests, making the world more accessible to the listener. The appeal lies in discovering new places, understanding different cultures, and gathering practical advice that inspires listeners to explore the world.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness podcasts offer advice, motivational stories, and the latest research on living a healthy lifestyle. From nutrition tips to workout routines, these podcasts cater to those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being, providing practical guidance and inspiration to achieve personal health goals.

Parenting and Family Life

Parenting podcasts share experiences, challenges, and advice on raising children and managing family life. This topic resonates with parents and caregivers, offering support, community, and practical tips for navigating the joys and trials of parenting.


Relationship podcasts discuss the dynamics of romantic, familial, and platonic relationships, offering advice, insights, and stories about love, communication, and conflict resolution. This topic resonates with listeners looking for guidance, empathy, and a deeper understanding of human connections.

Personal Finance

Personal finance podcasts provide valuable advice on managing money, investing, and achieving financial independence. This topic appeals to listeners seeking to improve their financial literacy, offering strategies for budgeting, saving, and navigating the complexities of the financial world.

Mental Health and Self-Help

Mental health and self-help podcasts offer support, advice, and insights into managing mental well-being, personal development, and overcoming life's challenges. This topic resonates with listeners seeking guidance, comfort, and strategies for personal growth and emotional resilience.

Current Events


Political podcasts provide analysis, commentary, and discussions on current events, policy, and governance. By offering diverse perspectives, these podcasts can inform, engage, and empower listeners to understand complex political landscapes and their implications on daily life. The appeal lies in staying informed, challenging one's views, and participating in the democratic process through informed discourse.

Science and Technology Advancements

Podcasts focusing on science and technology advancements explore the latest discoveries, innovations, and their implications for the future. This topic appeals to intellectually curious and tech-savvy listeners, offering a glimpse into the cutting-edge developments that are shaping our world.

Environmental Issues and Sustainability

Environmental podcasts address the challenges and solutions related to climate change, conservation, and sustainability. This topic appeals to environmentally conscious listeners, offering education on ecological issues and inspiring action towards a more sustainable and responsible interaction with our planet.

Social Media Trends

Social media trend podcasts analyze the ever-changing landscape of social media, discussing viral phenomena, platform updates, and digital marketing strategies. This topic appeals to digital natives and marketers, offering insights into online behavior, content creation, and the impact of social media on society.

How to Choose a Podcast Topic

To create meaningful content that aligns with your show’s goals and your listener’s interests, you must first choose the right podcast topics to speak to. The process involves understanding your audience, researching the landscape, and generating compelling content ideas that interest both you and your listeners. 

Who Are Your Listeners? What Do They Want to Hear?

The foundation of any successful podcast is a deep understanding of its target audience. Who are your listeners? What are their interests, challenges, and desires? Keeping your target audience in mind as you plan your podcast topics is crucial for maintaining engagement and ensuring your content remains focused. 

It's important to remember that while sharing personal stories or exploring tangential topics can add depth to your podcast, straying too far from the interests of your audience in a business podcast, for example, may lead to disengagement. Tailor your content to reflect the interests and needs of your listeners, ensuring that each episode adds value to their lives in a meaningful way.

Research the Topic: What Have Competitors Already Covered?

Before settling on a podcast topic, take the time to explore what's already out there. What have your competitors covered? Is there a niche or perspective that's been overlooked? 

Conducting thorough research will help you identify gaps in the market and opportunities to offer something unique.

This doesn't mean you have to avoid popular topics altogether. Instead, consider how you can approach these topics from a fresh angle or look deeper into aspects that haven't been fully explored.

Outline Specific Speaking Points Within the Topic

Once you've identified a general area of interest, brainstorm specific ideas that could fall under this umbrella and are on theme with your podcast niche. Consider current trends, listener suggestions, and your own passions. Remember, choosing a topic you're enthusiastic about is important to maintaining momentum, producing engaging content, and avoiding burnout.

Generating B2B Podcast Topic Ideas

If you are running a B2B podcast, posting high-value content consistently is your roadmap to success, but you may realize coming up with content ideas may grow difficult after a while. One topic you can always explore is current events and how you foresee them impacting your industry. Another great way to produce valuable content is to invite industry experts to your show and ask them questions you and your audience want the answers to. 

The Importance of Titles

Crafting compelling titles is necessary for attracting listeners and improving your podcast's visibility. Titles should be intriguing yet clear, balancing creativity with SEO best practices to ensure they're discoverable and appealing.

How to Optimize Your Podcast Title for SEO

Optimizing your podcast title for SEO is pretty simple. Select a topic and related keyword for your episode. Then, be sure to include the keyword in your title. There are other aspects of optimizing your podcast for SEO, and you can learn more about those here.

It’s Not Clickbait if You Deliver

You've likely experienced the frustration of being drawn in by a captivating article headline, only to find the content falls short of expectations. Don't hesitate to craft a title for your episode that's exceptionally attention-grabbing or bold—provided you follow through with content that meets the anticipation. It’s not clickbait if you deliver.

TOPIC TIP:  If you are looking to create some super intriguing content, try brainstorming a too-good-to-be-true title, then plan your show to fulfill that promise. 

In Summary

When picking what to talk about on a podcast, consider what you are passionate about and what your listeners want to hear. If you feel you are running out of ideas, consider the topics in the list and how to connect a few of them to your niche. You can also invite others to your show so they can discuss their interests. 

If you are running a B2B podcast and feel like you’re losing steam on what topics to speak about, look no further. At Sweet Fish Media, we fully manage your podcast, socials, and newsletters in your B2B niche by creating your company a media brand. 

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