Reach a wider audience with high-quality, full-length YouTube videos

YouTube is one of the fastest ways to reach an enormous audience—if you know how to create engaging video content. If you don’t, it’s one of the fastest ways to dump money down the drain. Yeah, let’s stick with the enormous audience. Our team will help you turn your podcast episodes into full-length YouTube videos, each with a thumbnail and visibility-optimized transcript.

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Produce new full-length YouTube videos every month.

Gone are the days when churning out cookie-cutter blogs was the best content marketing strategy. These days, it’s all about video. We'll turn your podcast recordings into full-length YouTube videos to help grow your brand and audience.

Use short attention spans to your advantage

It’s a sad truth of life: people don’t always have the time (or inclination) to sit down and watch full-length videos. To cater to the many short attention spans out there, we’ll turn your show’s highlight moments into YouTube shorts.

Make a great first impression with custom YouTube thumbnails.

People make split-second decisions about the media they consume, not hesitating to judge a YouTube video by its cover. To catch viewers’ attention, we'll create stand-out thumbnails and artwork for your videos.

Help viewers follow along by providing transcripts.

Transcripts usually hide out behind the scenes, but they’re essential for accessibility and SEO. We'll write each new video's transcript, ensuring they’re accurate, error-free, and optimized for visibility.

What else is included?

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Background music (no licensing fees)
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Branded graphic intro and outro

The best part about working with Sweet Fish is that they took this off my plate. They let me focus on what I do best - talking about what I'm passionate about and what my target customers care about ... and they handled all the details of making what I say look good and in formats (podcasts, videos) that really increase the credibility of my brand.

Blake B.
Principal Consultant

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