Sweet Fish exists to help companies become their market's favorite follow

Too many marketers optimize for attention when they should be building affinity. They focus on reach while their buyers are starving for resonance. We’re on a mission to change that (and spoiler alert: churning out more commodity content isn’t the answer).

Why build a media brand?

Only 3% of your market is ready to buy now.

And the other 97%? They couldn’t care less about your company (at least, not yet). So instead of spamming them with shallow, sales-pitchy content, you need to build trust.

Of course, a strong corporate brand—where sales and marketing engage those ready to buy—is essential. But the best way to capture everyone else's attention is to create a separate, distinct media brand. 

With a strong media brand, you produce content that resonates with the 97% so that when they’re ready to buy, they buy from you.

Our Values

Own the Result

Better results don’t simply happen—they’re the natural byproduct of grabbing the reins of responsibility.

We don’t point fingers; we don’t enumerate all the things we tried. We assess, take ownership, and look in the mirror before making our next move. And owning the result isn’t one-sided: we also support each other by generously celebrating each others’ wins.

Hone Your Craft

We don’t settle for “good enough”—we strive for excellence. We foster continuous learning across teams to enable growth, mastery, and unmatched quality. We elevate our industry standards through collaboration, innovation, and a constant hunger for knowledge.

With unwavering commitment, we exceed expectations, drive innovation, and contribute to collective success.

Lead the Change

Our industry moves fast. We aim to lead that movement. We are catalysts for transformation, driving innovation, and setting new industry standards.

By pushing boundaries, embracing emerging trends, and challenging conventions, we lead the way in revolutionizing the way brands build affinity with their markets. With unmatched creativity, strategic thinking, and cutting-edge techniques, we empower our clients to pioneer their respective industries.

Our Team

We might be biased (in fact, we probably are), but we believe our team is one of the most talented and fun groups of creative humans on the planet.

Sweet Fish team photo

Interested in joining us?

Sweet Fish is growing! We’re always looking for high-achievers excited about our mission. Work with us to define the future of content marketing.