How a Legal Tech Provider Built a 7-figure Pipeline w/ a Podcast

Emily Kingland
October 11, 2021
How a Legal Tech Provider Built a 7-figure Pipeline w/ a Podcast

If you’re here for a dull story about a company that hired another company to produce a podcast for them, you’re in the wrong place.

This is the story of how Frank Festa, Head of Enterprise Sales, and the rest of the team at PERSUIT generated a 7-figure pipeline in a handful of months.

🚨 Spoiler alert: They used a B2B podcast.

PERSUIT & the Legal Tech Industry

As a legal tech provider, PERSUIT offers a solution for companies that need to hire outside counsel. Their platform provides a framework for the outside counsel selection process.


Their SaaS product has helped Fortune 500 companies choose the right outside legal team, optimize their budgets, and increase predictability.

The 60-person PERSUIT team also helps their clients institutionalize different legal initiatives, such as diversity and inclusion.


As far as the legal tech industry, it moves slowly, just as anything does in law. This has given solution providers like PERSUIT opportunities to fill niches and modernize within the space.

Why PERSUIT Chose B2B Podcasting


Building a community around its brand was one of PERSUIT’s core marketing goals. More specifically, a highly trusted community.

Category Creators

Being a trailblazer for a relatively new category, the PERSUIT team has partnered with some major logos. Walmart. Facebook. Johnson & Johnson. PERSUIT offers a new solution to an old problem. This means that there are a lot of changes that need to happen within these behemoth organizations — changes that use many moving parts.

Understandably, a great deal of trust is needed to make these high-profile partnerships work.

“They need to ultimately trust us in order to take our technology and apply the processes throughout their organization… in order to truly institutionalize what we preach is best practice in the legal sourcing space.”

Frank Festa, Head of Enterprise Sales, PERSUIT

Engaging Fortune 500 Companies

PERSUIT saw the best way to build trust was to have organic conversations with the legal C-suite of these companies. The challenging part of scheduling calls with Fortune 500 legal execs was… well, scheduling calls with Fortune 500 legal execs. These professionals don’t make room in their schedules for just anybody.

“They're on the boards of Fortune 500 organizations. They do not take vendor calls very often. And if they do, it better be something incredibly relevant.”

Frank Festa, Head of Enterprise Sales, PERSUIT

In other words, the ICP’s time is pricey and extremely valuable. PERSUIT needed a massive value prop to garner any sort of engagement.

There had to be a way to connect with these executives that benefitted them as much as it did PERSUIT. Some way to add value — to give those legal leaders a good reason to jump on a call.

A podcast was their answer.

Why PERSUIT Chose to Work with a Podcast Production Agency


It was clear to Frank and the team that they were going to need some outside support with their B2B podcast.

Skipping the Learning Curve

Going at it alone, they predicted, wouldn’t produce the high-quality show they needed to influence world-class organizations.

“We work with world-class organizations. We believe our platform to be world-class. Everything needs to reflect that brand.”

Frank Festa, Head of Enterprise Sales, PERSUIT

The PERSUIT team knew they would have a ton of learning and experimenting to do if they decided to produce a podcast in-house. But, when your ICP is the General Counsel and COO for Legal at a Fortune 500, there’s not much room for experimentation.

Mutually Beneficial Content Creation

Frank and the rest of the team saw the value in creating content with their ideal customers. They knew it was beneficial for them and their guests. They’d be able to use their podcast to meet professionals who matched their ICP, learn about them and their needs, and build organic relationships with them.

“If we give them a channel for amplification, it's a mutually beneficial scenario… We wanted to have those conversations and we wanted to do it in a way that felt natural and organic.”

Frank Festa, Head of Enterprise Sales, PERSUIT

It turns out that Frank had been a fan of a little show called B2B Growth (Sweet Fish’s flagship podcast). In fact, it was B2B Growth that Frank wanted PERSUIT’s podcast to emulate.

This familiarity mixed with Sweet Fish’s expertise in content-based networking was what really got the ball rolling with PERSUIT. They hired Sweet Fish and, soon after, Innovative Legal Leadership was born.

Key Results from PERSUIT’s B2B Podcast


Being almost 30 episodes in, Innovative Legal Leadership has led PERSUIT to…

  • 36-40% guest to sales opportunity rate
  • $2 million in pipeline
  • Increased credibility with other Fortune 500 companies
  • Added value to all customer interactions
  • Loads of relevant content

“Booking these meetings and having them develop into business opportunities is priority number one. But the amount of tread that we get out of the content that we've been producing on the show is absolutely spectacular.”

Frank Festa, Head of Enterprise Sales, PERSUIT

And, working with the Sweet Fish team hasn’t been all that bad either.

“You guys do a phenomenal job of curating the journey and actually delivering enough data points and transparency along the process to make the decision easy.”

Frank Festa, Head of Enterprise Sales, PERSUIT

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