Podcast Guest Booking Agency: Top 9 & What to Look For

Daniel Sanchez
April 7, 2021
Podcast Guest Booking Agency: Top 9 & What to Look For

Remember that dream you had as a kid to headline Summerfest alongside your hero and best friend, Kurt Cobain?

Even as a marketer or entrepreneur, you can still gain a portion of the notoriety and rock-stardom you dreamed about as a kid. Because let's face it -- there are multiple reasons why headlining a huge music fest with Kurt is... unlikely.


A podcast tour is a much more lucrative strategy to get your name and expertise out there. It's also a good way to grow your own podcast audience.

Think about it: Being interviewed on another podcast puts you in front of thousands of potential listeners for 20 minutes or longer. Now you're probably wondering...

What are the top podcast guest booking agencies? Our top 10 podcast booking agencies include:

Let's go over the criteria for a top-tier podcast guest booking agency and what you should be looking for.

Going at it alone isn't your only option. Teaming up with a podcast booking agency could very well be the best path for you.

What to Look For in a Podcast Booking Agency

Before you go giving your rent money to a sleazy "podcast talent agent" on Craig's List, here's what a legit podcast guest booking agency should be doing for you.

Identify Your Audience

Who is it that should be hearing your message? If you're hoping to grow your show's listenership, it's probably people listening to similar podcasts.

A worthwhile podcast booking agency should outline the ways they're going to find 100+ podcasts that match your ideal audience. As Mark and Jakub from Speak On Podcasts point out in the video above, there are three main ideal listener sources:

  1. Other podcasts your current audience is listening to.
  2. Podcasts where similar influencers to yourself are being interviewed.
  3. Podcasts on Listen Notes or SparkToro.

If you partner with a podcast booking agency, they should be able to identify your ideal listeners as well as the shows that are popular with them.

Develop Talking Points

What topics do you have a unique perspective on? A good booking agency will help you determine your main talking points. Understanding what you're an expert in makes you a billion times more marketable as a podcast guest.


One of the reasons hosts enjoy interviewing other hosts is because you can articulate your message. So, it's essential to know all of the ins and outs of that message.

Ideally, you should develop 3-5 talking points that you know like the back of your hand. Your booking agency should be able to help you identify talking points that also appeal to podcast hosts.

A useful way to come up with some unique topics is to ask yourself three point-of-view questions.

  1. What's a commonly held belief about your industry/profession that you passionately disagree with?
  2. What should everybody in your industry/profession start doing?
  3. What should everybody in your industry/profession stop doing?

Asking yourself these questions helps you refine your unique point of view. It also gives the interviewer the opportunity to take a compelling angle -- something their listeners will appreciate.

Optimize Your Outreach

Hosts receive hundreds of guest pitches every month. Your podcast booking partner should understand how to make you stand out as a guest.

A big part of that is optimizing the outreach to each host.

"The whole point of reaching out to a podcast host is to start a conversation."

Mark Colgan, Speak On Podcasts

An effective podcast host outreach plan can -- and most of the time should -- include the following tactics:

  • Locating the host's email or social profile
  • Listening to at least one of the episodes to make sure you're a fit
  • Providing value in your messages
  • Keeping your messages brief with specific talking points you heard in one of their episodes
  • Sharing other podcasts you've been featured on
  • Including links to popular posts that support your expertise on a subject
  • Giving a shining review and rating of their show on Apple Podcasts
  • Recording a personal Loom video
  • Engaging with the host on LinkedIn

Partnering with a podcast guest booking agency should make host outreach a breeze. For a bang-up podcast tour, make sure your agency has a tried-and-true outreach plan.

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Offer a CTA

When you do get booked for a podcast interview, remember to offer a next step or call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the conversation.

You can get advice from your podcast booking agency, but basically, you just need to tell listeners what to do next if they enjoyed your episode.

Your CTA could direct people to your book, an online offering, your LinkedIn profile, your blog, or your podcast site. This is also a good way to let other podcast hosts know how to connect with you.

If you leave listeners without a next step, it's unlikely that many people will take the initiative to find out more about you or your show.

That is unless you're naturally charismatic and people are simply drawn to you.

Like this guy. đŸ‘‡


Top 10 Podcast Guest Booking Agencies

Now that you know what to look for in a good podcast guest booking partner, here are 10 that we recommend checking out.

1. Speak On Podcasts


Founded by Mark Colgan and Jakub Zajicek, Speak On Podcasts exists to support coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs through podcast tours. Their podcast relations team is often praised by hosts for their guest email introductions.

Speak On isn't the most inexpensive booking agency; however, the hands-off experience they provide for their customers and hosts is next to none.

Their Process

Speak On's onboarding process establishes the foundations for your strategic podcast tour. The team partners with you to determine 3-6 topics you can cover and define your specific goals.

After completing their audience research, Speak On Podcasts sends you samples of shows you could potentially be featured on. They find 100+ podcasts that your ideal customers are listening to.

Then, the hyper-personalized outreach begins. Speak On has become known by podcast hosts for their value-driven outreach campaigns.

Lastly, their team promotes each episode you're featured on, attracting even more fans. They give you the option to create your own promotional content or else they can do it all for you.

Network Includes

  • Art of Charm
  • B2B Growth
  • Entrepreneurs On Fire

2. Call For Content


Call For Content offers podcast guest booking for individuals seeking to increase their industry authority. Their team books interviews for their clients while also equipping them with the proper tools for preparation, execution, and delivery.

Guest Booking Process

The placement process starts with a mock interview with your account strategist. This helps the team get to know you and your goals better.

Call For Content then finds the shows and hosts that place you in front of your target audience. They'll help you create a podcast booking strategy that includes...

  • Professional media kit
  • Pitch angles & topics
  • Targeted shows that fit you
  • Value offer
  • Outreach plan

CFC also offers guest training and ongoing support.

Network Includes

  • Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs
  • The Creative Steam Podcast
  • Talk With the Top: Colorado

3. MatchMaker.fm


If you're more of a DIYer, MatchMaker.fm is probably your best choice. Their platform isn't unlike an eHarmony for industry thought leaders and storytellers. Your guest profile allows you to get matched up with shows that fit your preferences and expertise.

Guest Booking Process

To get started on MatchMaker.fm, you sign up and create a profile to showcase your strengths as a podcast guest. Then, you can connect and be found by like-minded individuals open to collaboration.

The platform offers an in-app messenger to start conversations with hosts and other guests. Getting started with MatchMaker.fm is free, however, you won't receive the personalized support that a human strategist offers.

Network Includes

  • The Advertising Hour
  • Startup Dynamics
  • Caffeinate & Create

4. Interview Connections


Interview Connections helps guests leverage the power of podcast interviews to gain more brand exposure. Their team has been providing concierge-level experiences to clients since 2013. They prioritize the best podcast-guest fits possible.

Guest Booking Process

The strategists at Interview Connections start out with a Guest Expert Discovery process, learning as much as they can about you.

Then, a one-sheeter will be designed to promote your strengths and talking points. Interview Connections finds the most appropriate podcasts for your goals and reaches out to them. They guarantee connections with hosts who are ready to interview you immediately.

Network Includes

  • Entrepreneur Radio
  • Mind Pump
  • Real Estate Rockstars

5. The Expert Bookers


The Expert Bookers offer tailored podcast interview opportunities to individuals looking to establish themselves as thought leaders. This agency guarantees that clients get booked on shows that align with their areas of expertise and target audience type.

Guest Booking Process

A personal account manager starts by getting to know you and works with you one-on-one to guide you through the rest of the process.

They then research podcasts that fit your expertise, target audience, and that are well-established. Your account manager takes care of all the communications with the host to make sure your interviews are secured.

Your interviews can either be scheduled by your account manager or you can be directly connected to the hosts.

Network Includes

  • Nice Guys On Business
  • Join Up Dots
  • Mobile Home Park Investors

6. Lemonpie


Among other podcasting services, Lemonpie helps entrepreneurs and other business-minded individuals plan podcast tours. They recognize that podcast listeners are one of the most engaged audiences in the world today and work to leverage that power.

Guest Booking Process

Lemonpie starts by learning what your goals are and who your audience is. Their team then determines the shows that best fit your objectives.

Next, Lemonpie takes care of pitching to the hosts of those shows. They coordinate with your schedule and try to make it as hands-off for you as possible.

Network Includes

  • ChooseFI
  • Business Explored
  • Village Global's Venture Stories

7. Podcast Bookers


Rated #1 Podcast Booking Agency in 2020 by BloggerLocal, Podcast Bookers was created to fill the needs of its founders. Now, PB offers its booking services to business coaches, authors, marketers, and podcast hosts.

Guest Booking Process

The Podcast Bookers team uses the power of SEO to drive their customers' guesting campaigns. Additionally, they create custom outreach strategies dependent on your expertise. PB promises you'll start getting booked within days of completing their onboarding process.

Their team also takes care of the follow-up with the hosts, scheduling, and will even find you replacements if the show drops your interview.

Network Includes

  • Eventual Millionaire
  • Youpreneur
  • Duct Tape Marketing

8. Kitcaster


Kitcaster charges a flat monthly rate for on-demand podcast placement services. Their team of podcast relations specialists helps entrepreneurs build their company or personal brands through podcast tours.

Guest Booking Process

The process is simple. Once you apply to Kitcaster, they determine whether or not they're the best agency to serve you. If accepted, Kitcaster researches you, your goals, and your ideal audience.

Taking the time to understand each client's unique history, the Kitcaster team highlights your particular areas of influence and reaches out to shows who align.

Network Includes

  • Marketing B2B Technology Podcast
  • Voices of Search Podcast
  • Backcountry Marketing

9. Podcasting You


Trevor Oldham founded Podcasting You in 2017 after seeing a major opportunity to help experts get their message out on top-rated podcasts. Since then, PY has worked with hundreds of clients to book thousands of interviews.

Guest Booking Process

Podcasting You's booking process is similar to the ones mentioned before except with particular emphasis on positioning their clients as thought leaders.

PY does all of the research and outreach to podcasts that match your goals and ideal audience. They also prep you for your interviews to make sure you're ready with talking points.

Network Includes

  • Startup Stories
  • For the Love of Money
  • How to Be Awesome at Your Job

Get Booked

Even though you'll probably never get to headline Summerfest with Kurt Cobain, there are still lots of opportunities to look like a rockstar.


If you want to get booked as a guest on top-level podcasts, remember these points:

  • Identify the audience you want to reach and the podcasts they're already listening to.
  • Develop 3-5 talking points that appeal to the audience you want to reach.
  • Make your host outreach personal, value-driven, and brief.
  • Always tell the listeners where they can glean more value after the interview.

Remember, some of the best podcasts guests are also the best podcast hosts. Don't have a podcast? Don't know where to start?

Try an agency that does all the heavy lifting for you! Check out the 7 essential services every B2B podcast agency should offer.

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