Start Following These 24 B2B Marketing Influencers on Instagram Today

Timmy Bauer
July 20, 2020
Start Following These 24 B2B Marketing Influencers on Instagram Today

When I think about how I do social media, I surround myself with the people I love, people who get me thinking... or really cute puppy accounts for when I need a pick-me-up. 

The ‘people who get me thinking’ category is typically filled with influencers like Gary Vee. These are individuals who are where I want to be and produce content that nourishes my mind. So… you may be asking...

Who should I follow on Instagram for B2B marketing content? The top B2B marketing influencers on Instagram are:

  • GaryVee
  • Ann Handley
  • Jay Baer
  • Allen Gannett
  • Sue B. Zimmerman
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Pam Didner
  • Michaela Alexis
  • Nir Eyal 
  • Brian Fanzo

To name a few! In this reading, I want you to walk away with at least someone. One person who can ‘nourish your mind’ each time you see a post from them.

It’s nice to have them on Instagram because it gives your mind a break from the picture-perfect or too-casual content usually saturating our feeds. 

Let’s dig in deeper. 

24 of the top B2B Marketing Influencers on Instagram

Ann Handley (@annhandley)

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the inimitable Ann Handley. She is a digital marketing guru who continues to be relevant, surprising and a leader for all B2B marketers to follow. Her Instagram covers all facets of her life, her passion for marketing and is one that will put a smile on your face. 

Books by Ann Handley: Everybody Writes and Content Rules

Podcast: The GaryVee Audio Experience hosted by Gary Vaynerc

Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

As a six-book New York Times Best Selling Author, Jay Baer knows a thing or two about marketing. As an Instagram Influencer, Jay exemplifies helping others and is an account you can count on for fresh, thoughtful and valuable content. You will typically find Jay in his iconic plaid suit sharing his tips and tricks to marketing and business as a whole. 

Books by Jay Baer: Talk Triggers, Hug Your Haters, Youtility and more.

Podcast:  Standing Ovation, Social Pros, and Talk Triggers.

Jay Acunzo (@jacunzo)

Another incredible Jay? YES, who would have thought! Jay Acunzo travels the world and posts on Instagram to help creative people find their voices. His content is humorous and will be sure to get you thinking about what you do and why you do it. Not to mention his cartoons are ones Charles Schulz would be proud of. 

Books by Jay Acunzo: Break The Wheel

Podcast: Unthinkable

Pam Didner (@pdinder)

As a B2B marketing consultant, Pam Didner is familiar with aligning marketing and sales teams to increase revenue. She is down to earth presenting the challenges we face and empathetic when providing solutions. You are able to get a taste of the incredible wizard she is by following on Instagram where she posts weekly and hosts “Ask Pam Anything” marketing sessions for all the questions you may have!

Books by Pam Didner: Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and The Modern AI Marketer

Podcast: B2B Marketing and More With Pam Didner

Brian Fanzo (@brianfanzospeaker)

Dubbed a “Digital Futurist,” Brian Fanzo continues to produce content that is out of this world and relevant towards all marketers trying to have an impactful digital footprint. Following Brian on Instagram, his videos are insightful, to say the least, and you will be itching to see his energy live at a conference. 

Podcast: FOMO Fanz

Michael Hyatt (@michaelhyatt)

While he is known for his legendary Full Focus Planner, Michael Hyatt’s Instagram attracts over 77k individuals wanting to learn how to succeed at B2B marketing and life. Offering invaluable insight snapshots from his books, podcast and personal anecdotes, this is an account you definitely want to follow. 

Books by Michael Hyatt: Free to Focus, Your Best Year Ever, Living Forward and more. 

Podcast: Lead to Win

Andrew Davis (@drewdavishere)

After spotting an iconic bowtie, I knew I was looking at Andrew Davis. As someone who appreciates good style, this man has it along with advice and insight that adds to your perspective about marketing. His Instagram showcases these ‘golden nuggets’ of information in videos, photos and posts.  

Books by Andrew Davis: Brandscaping, Town Inc., and Digital Marketing Growth Hacks

Podcast: The Loyalty Loop!

David Meerman Scott (@dmscott)

David’s Instagram is one that will get you excited to see what he posts next due to how dynamic he is as a professional and human. You’ll get to see the world from his point of view and how he thinks as a B2B marketing expert in his own regard. You will leave and find yourself asking ‘Does my business have an army of fans?’

Books by David Meerman Scott: Fanocracy, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Newsjacking and more.

Ryan Bonnici (@ryanbonnici)

Ryan is the CMO of G2, which is the world’s largest tech marketplace and the same company that recently put on one of the most iconic B2B marketing conferences ever called ‘REACH.’ As a fan favorite, Ryan’s Instagram doesn’t disappoint with his personal and professional CMO related posts. 

Allen Gannett (@allen)

Looking at Allen’s Instagram two things are clear. The first is, he has the cutest corgi in the world named Maven. The second is, The Creative Curve is going to revolutionize marketing as a whole. As big data entrepreneur, Allen knows what it means to have a good idea, specifically, a good idea at the right time. Now, he shares this knowledge with others, no matter your space or field of study.

Books by Allen Gannett: The Creative Curve 

Anthony Kennada (@akennada)

Nowadays, it may seem like there is no way to come up with a new idea or product, but what Anthony teaches us is that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Category Creation by Anthony has challenged all marketers reading to focus on building new categories. His Instagram talks more about this concept and you’re able to see the life of this mastermind!

Books by Anthony Kennada: Catagory Creation

Dylan Hey (@dylan_hey)

I interviewed Dylan Hey on B2B Growth for a 3 parter on everything related to PPC for SaaS. This guy really knows his stuff. Backward and forwards he can answer any question and give you a helpful strategy to have an effective PPC campaign.

Podcast: The Social Media Growth Show

Our 3 Parter on B2B Growth: PPC for SaaS

Drew McLellan (@drewmclellan)

Filled with videos, you will be surprised how fast time passes watching them on Instagram! As B2B marketers we are familiar with agencies, and so is Drew! His posts never disappoint and frequently feature Drew talking on marketing, selling or with industry experts. 

Books by Drew McLellan: Sell with Authority and Age of Conversation 3

Podcast: Build A Better Agency

Josh Steimle (@joshsteimle)

CEO of a digital marketing agency known as MWI, Josh is an expert in understanding content-based marketing, how SEO plays a pivotal role, and what we can do as marketers to stand out. The influential posts on his Instagram will keep you up to date and thinking of what’s next!

Books by Josh Steimle: Chief Marketing Officers at Work and Skip College

Dan Martell (@danmartell)

Founder of SaaS Academy and avid podcaster, Dan Martell inspires across all mediums. On his Instagram in particular, he consistently posts video content on all topics related to SaaS and B2B Marketing. This gives you a wide array of content to pull ideas from and a way to diversify your thinking. 

Podcast: SaaS Growth Stacking hosted by Dan Martell

Sue B. Zimmerman (@theinstagramexpert)

Known to her 100k+ followers as ‘Sue B,’ Sue does not disappoint with her profile and the sheer amount of free value posted. As the owner of SBZ Enterprise, Sue also teaches a course to small business owners on how to utilize platforms such as Instagram as leverage for earning more revenue. Definitely someone you want to check out!

Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock)

Be gone traditional marketing! In comes Lilach Bullock, saving the day with the industry knowledge she has gained and that all B2B marketers can’t live without. Featured in Forbes, Tedx, and more Lilach gives you snippets of these life-changing marketing tactics. 

Books by Lilach Bullock: Images That Influence 

Ryan Deiss (@ryandeiss)

As a best-selling author and the CEO of DigitalMarketer, Ryan is someone who should be in your B2B Marketers Tool Belt. We can all attest to the constant changes in digital marketing, and with that Ryan's content is packed with practical wisdom for our current era. Check out his Instagram and website for more!

Books by Ryan Deiss: Invisible Selling Machine, Digital Marketing for Dummies, and 13 Ways to Hack Facebook Ads

Podcast: The DigitalMarketer Podcast

David Cancel (@dcancel)

With photos, text, books, and a podcast on David’s Instagram, there is something for all B2B marketers to find. I love the quality and relevant content coming weekly from this entrepreneur who's so successful Harvard brings him to campus over 7 times per year to work with students.

Books by David Cancel: Conversational Marketing, Burn Down, and Hyper Growth.

Podcast: Seeking Wisdom

Nir Eyal (@neyal99)

Can we just recognize the sheer genius it takes to write two incredible books that are at the caliber of Hooked and Indistractable? Nir continues to surprise his audience both on paper and online. His Instagram surprises and sheds light on topics that will get everyone thinking!

Books by Nir Eyal: Hooked and Indistractable

Carlos Hidalgo (@cahidalgo_)

Imagine losing it all, gaining it back, and documenting step by step how you did it and eventually found fulfillment with everything around you. That is the storyline of Carlos Hidalgo and his Instagram exemplifies this. B2B marketers should be aware of self care, gratitude and all the things that can prevent one from losing it all. 

Books by Carlos Hidalgo: The UnAmerican Dream and Driving Demand

Michael Stelzner (@stelzner)

This is the holy grail of Instagrams for B2B marketers who engage in any type of social media marketing. Michael Stelzner is the CEO of Social Media Examiner and has unmatched tenure within the industry. If you are looking to up your social media marketing game, Michael is for you!

Books by Michael Stelzner: Writing White Papers and Launch

Podcast: Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner 

Michaela Alexis (@mickalexis)

Instagram influencer, traveling marketing entrepreneur and coffee connoisseur are a few ways one could describe Michaela Alexis. She is what you strive for as a B2B marketer. Did you know she also does work with LinkedIn? Definitely something worth checking out! LinkedIn is blowing up and Michaela is right there where the action happens.

Chris Ronzio (@chrisronzio)

Have you ever wanted to know what a trip to NYC would look like working with one of the largest influencers in the world whose name is @GaryVee? (Hint: You can know by checking Chris Ronzio’s Instagram!) This is the type of content you can expect from Chris and the team constantly. It provides value, keeps you interested and you will be learning!

Books by Chris Ronzio: 100 Hacks To Improve Your Business

Podcast: Process Makes Perfect

If you’re reading this, we have reached the end of this incredible list of B2B Marketing Influencers on Instagram. You either read the whole article or skipped to the end… either are great! 

If you are able to take away one thing from reading this, hopefully you are able to walk away with someone who will be able to ‘nourish your mind’ and get you thinking! Join their tribe and gain knowledge you would have never thought you needed. Hey, it may even change your life!