Looking for a B2B Marketing Agency? Here are 15 of the Best

Emily Kingland
February 7, 2024
Looking for a B2B Marketing Agency? Here are 15 of the Best

There’s a reason why humans need variety in our diets. Eating grilled cheese for every meal is tempting, but my body would likely object.


Strange enough, B2B companies have similar needs as our bodies. Oftentimes, variety is the answer to a brand’s stagnation in the market.

Fortunately, there are a lot — I mean, a LOT — of B2B marketing agencies out there that can offer your company the shake-up it needs.

You know that your business deserves the best of the best. So, you’re probably asking… 

What are the top B2B marketing agencies?

The Criteria We Used to Make This List

We put this list together based on the most sought-after B2B services, like content marketing, video, and ABM. 

Depending on the specific aspect of your marketing that needs help, there’s a hand-picked B2B marketing agency listed in this article that slays in that particular area.


Working with Multiple B2B Marketing Agencies

Remember that stuff I was saying about grilled cheeses and variety?

Another way to get the variety your business needs is to work with multiple B2B marketing agencies. 

The advantage of working with multiple agencies: You will get multiple perspectives and work with a wide range of talent. Working with the best-in-class in specific areas will lead to better execution in each marketing discipline.

The disadvantage of working with multiple agencies: Lack of cohesion and/or alignment. However, many of the top B2B marketing agencies are versed in working with other service providers.

Now, let’s get into the list!

1. SEO/SEM: Directive

Directive takes a holistic approach to SEO and SEM. They understand how smart SEO impacts every stage of the buyer’s journey. What’s great about Directive is they connect the ever-elusive dots between sales and marketing to make sure everyone’s objectives are being met.


2. Pipeline strategy: Heinz Marketing

The only ketchup here is the ketching up your competitors will have to do when you partner with Heinz! (Can you blame me?) 

Need a B2B marketing agency that wholeheartedly embraces revenue responsibility? Heinz Marketing specializes in managing long-term prospect relationships for every phase of the buyer’s journey. They help their clients increase future engagement and cut acquisition costs over time.

3. Podcasting: Sweet Fish Media

I might be a little biased but I really believe we offer the best business podcasting services on the planet. 

Sweet Fish lives to make work better for people around the world. Our team allows businesses the opportunity to not only reach their target buyers, but to improve the lives of all listeners. Sweet Fish's services make it simple for businesses to get their message out and establish meaningful relationships with their guests and audiences.

We accomplish this by creating your company a fully managed media brand that produces valuable thought leadership content instead of the same old “thinly-veiled sales pitch” people are really tired of hearing. That way, when your listener has the need for a product you offer, they’ll turn to the industry expert (you) whose content they already know and love.

4. PPC: Hey Digital

Hey Digital understands the metrics you want to boost with your PPC campaign: free trial signups and booked meetings. Partnering with Hey Digital means those two core metrics will grow and take your revenue with them. 

This team has managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital ad spend for its customers and no one who knows more about PPC than Dylan Hey.

5. ABM: Intelligent Demand

Intelligent Demand knows the value of shifting the focus of your B2B revenue growth strategy from leads to accounts.

They also realize the internal hang-ups that many companies face when transitioning to ABM. ID steps in and guides businesses to marketing-sales alignment, a complete tech stack, and data aggregation for successful ABM.

  • Who they work best with: Mid-market B2B SaaS companies, Healthcare providers, Telecommunication providers, Financial services, Information security
  • CEO: John Common

6. Case studies: Case Study Buddy

This is one B2B marketing agency that found its niche and sailed.

Case studies are essential for proving that you know your stuff but it’s hard to know where to start when creating one. In walks Case Study Buddy. Their expert team produces masterful written and video case studies and customer testimonials. Your future customers won’t even realize you had your case studies produced out-of-house.

Who they work best with: B2B SaaS companies

7. Appointment setting: Veth Group

When it comes to booking meetings with decision-makers, Veth Group knows how to make it happen.

They know each business and their prospects are unique. That’s why brainstorming email copy, testing campaigns, and measuring results take a front seat in Veth Group’s process. We’ve been using Veth Group in our own business, and I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of their process and their team.

  • Who they work best with: B2B SaaS companies, Financial services, Marketing service providers, Insurance providers
  • CEO: Miles Veth

8. Web design: HUEMOR

Looking for fun and effective app and web design? Huemor’s gotcha covered.

Huemor works with businesses of all sizes to create memorable digital experiences that convert. This fun-loving group of designers and developers don’t hide behind buzzwords and BS. They don’t have to — just look at their work!

  • Who they work best with: B2B SaaS companies, Industrial, Nonprofit
  • CEO: Michael Cleary

9. Video: Epipheo

Epipheo (epiphany + video) is well aware of the video content it takes to generate thought leadership. They even offer the services of a video strategist to take the work out of determining what type of video will work for your audience.

The Epipheo team handles everything from outlining a content strategy to producing and posting your video. Social video ads, testimonials, animated, storytelling: They do it all.

10. Social media: SmartBug Media

I just love B2B marketing agencies that include a critter in the name!

SmartBug is a team of digital wizards who work magic on paid social strategies. They take the time to get to know your brand and your target buyer to deploy the smartest, most hard-hitting social content possible. The SmartBug team has the perfect touch when it comes to testing new markets via social and measuring the results.

11. Conversion rate optimization: CXL

You’re getting the conversions — you need to optimize them, though. CXL can help you do that.

CXL works with companies to increase the revenue per visitor, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase margins. Their team conducts qualitative research to understand what your customers actually want. Then, they patch up the money leaks with an updated website structure and conversion-focused copy. All the while they’re learning from the analytics being collected for next time around.

12. Webinars: Clark Webinar Consulting

Hosting a webinar is a great way to show prospects and customers that you know what the heck you’re talking about. A webinar is an educational tool Clark Webinar Consulting can help you produce to nurture valuable relationships with your audience.

Clark works with B2B companies to choose engaging and relevant webinar topics your target audience will eat up. Plus, you can rest assured that your webinar will go off without a hitch when in the hands of an expert.

  • Who they work best with: B2B SaaS companies, Nonprofits
  • CEO: Dave Clark

13. Demand generation: Refine Labs

Tired of the same ol’ leads failing to turn into actual revenue? Refine Labs’ demand gen process is focused on growing your revenue, not stockpiling bad leads.

The foundation of Refine Labs’ services is built around sustainable growth. This team helps B2B companies increase pipeline velocity and decrease customer acquisition costs through a demand-centric approach.

  • Who they work best with: B2B SaaS companies, Healthcare, Industrial
  • CEO: Chris Walker

14. Content marketing: Animalz

If you haven’t noticed, content marketing has become a complex, unruly beast for SaaS companies. That’s why content marketing is the focus of the Animalz team — it’s a behemoth that can be tamed and leveraged.

Through intelligent SEO planning and content promotion, Animalz can help you wrangle content marketing and make it work for you.

15. Lead generation: Operatix

Need some assistance with inside sales, lead generation, and channel development? 

The experienced Operatix team specializes in lead generation for SaaS companies. They use their intense knowledge of the dynamic tech market to help enterprises achieve sales targets. Accelerate your growth by getting your team in front of decision-makers faster with Operatix’s expert guidance.

Adding variety to your B2B marketing diet

Teaming up with B2B marketing agencies that specialize in specific marketing services will give you best-in-class strategies and tactics in each discipline. Talk about a competitive edge.

Our bodies need other nutrients than those found in a grilled cheese. Our businesses aren’t any different. To maintain the health — nay, enhance the health — of your B2B company, give it some diversity. You won’t be sorry.

And remember, if growing your audience is something your business needs help with, we have you covered. Learn more about Sweet Fish Media.