Case study

#1 Relationships Podcast in the US (in just 45 days)‍‍

You’ve seen their faces on reality TV, and now you’re hearing their stories on YouTube and all of your favorite podcast streaming services. When Zach and Tori Roloff partnered with Sweet Fish, they had one major goal in mind:

The Goal

Sharing content that matters without taking time from their family.

“I was drowning. It was just this really big cloud that was looming. Trying to get everything cohesive — filming, editing, thumbnails, putting it out in the world — was just too much for one person to do. I needed a team.” — Tori

The Challenge

The major obstacle standing in their way? Growing a media brand takes time — a lot of it.

Before partnering with Sweet Fish, Tori was pouring hours into the podcasting process, from handling editing and recording to posting and maintaining content, ultimately losing valuable time she could have spent elsewhere.

The Roloffs had the vision. They just needed a team to put it into action.

The Sweet Fish Solution

Professionally produced content with the creator’s touch

Sweet Fish’s experts dove in — from in-depth industry research to content direction and insights on the best filming set-up, Zach and Tori were able to take a step back, hit record, and trust the process.

While Sweet Fish has the talent — expert content creators, videographers, designers, writers, social media specialists and more — we know building a media brand requires building something you are proud of.

The Roloffs had feedback, and we adapted, helping them create a podcast and all the supporting infrastructure to reach over 300K downloads and 2 million views on YouTube in the first 60 days.

“It's a very professional environment. That's the difference between Sweet Fish and other companies.” — Zach

“We're able to produce the content, send it off and be done with it. We have the creative freedom to make it what we want it to be but also maintain being stay-at-home parents. We get to focus on the fun stuff.” — Tori

Topping the charts with Raising Heights.

Sweet Fish jumped into action to bring Zach and Tori’s vision to life — delivering a product that truly matters to their audience. Between quick audience growth, high engagement and a seamless experience, the Roloffs are in agreement. Working with Sweet Fish has been “Professional and worth it.”

The Results
Over 340K downloads in the first 60 days
50K+ subscribers gained in the first 60 days on YouTube
#1 in “Relationships” podcasts in the US
2 million views on YouTube in the first 60 days
Over 1200 reviews in the first 60 days

“It's been really successful and fun for us. You helped us build this podcast that is important to people. What people listen to matters, and you helped us reach people we would have without you.” — Tori

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