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Sweet Fish helps B2B marketers produce personality-led content
across multiple channels:

Social Media
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Traditional content marketing
has lost its edge

(shocker, right?)

People are tired of bad B2B content.
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The same boring stuff as everyone else.
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Mass-produced articles and posts.
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Sales pitches disguised as “content.”
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A non-existent distribution strategy.

Throw away your old content marketing playbook and build a media brand instead.

The content marketing playbook:
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Standalone, written content
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Created under the corporate brand
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High volume, low production quality
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Distribution planned after content creation
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The goal is to generate "leads"
The media brand playbook:
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Integrated multimedia content
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Created under a separate media brand
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High volume, high production quality
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Distribution planned before content creation
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The goal is to grow an audience
Pie chart

To grow your audience (and business), you need two distinct brands.

Pie chart ninety seven percent
Your media brand
For the 97% of your market not yet ready to buy.
Pie chart three percent
Your corporate brand
For the 3% of your market ready to buy now.

Sweet results powered by an even sweeter team. The Sweet Fish team is incredibly knowledgeable, great at what they do, and is truly in it to help you be successful. One of the most responsive and thoughtful vendors I've ever worked with, Sweet Fish was a great partner who provided best practices and clear guidance.

Tyler L.
VP Marketing

Build a media brand that produces top-notch content, grows your audience, and builds affinity with potential customers.

Media Brand

Attract and engage an audience with a media brand that produces integrated, multi-channel content

Your corporate brand gives you a platform to talk about your products and services—but what about the 97% of people who aren’t ready to buy yet? To capture their attention, you need a separate, distinct media brand that creates genuinely compelling content. We’ll help you define the brand strategy and develop content that builds trust and affinity with your market.


Launch a podcast to engage your superfans and incubate your best content ideas.

Our white-glove podcast service helps you create your buyers’ favorite show. We'll assist your team with host training, episode preparation, post-production, publishing, distribution, guest booking, and more. You can rest assured knowing you're in good hands with a team that has built top podcasts, including our very own: B2B Growth.

We build media brands. Check out ours.
Social Media

Turn your show into social media content that resonates

Stop churning out bland social media content that your market ignores. Instead, turn your proven podcast episodes into text, video, and graphic social media content they’ll adore. You don’t have to do it alone—we offer full-service social media management so you can grow your reach on auto-pilot.

YouTube Video

Expand your reach with high-quality, full-length YouTube videos

As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube is one of the most effective ways to reach an enormous audience. Unfortunately, many B2B brands don’t have the bandwidth (or know-how) to create engaging video content. We’ll help you create full-length videos on a regular cadence, each one complete with a thumbnail and compelling title optimized for organic reach on YouTube.


Grow an audience of email newsletter subscribers—guaranteed

Tired of feeling like no one cares about your content? We’ll help you build an audience of newsletter subscribers from your target market, then immerse them in your media brand with every email you send so you know you’re not speaking into the void. We even guarantee a certain number of new subscribers each month—or your money back.

Media Days

Produce 3 months of content in 3 days in our professional studio

Time is money, and you shouldn’t waste it on low-impact, disconnected content pieces. With the Sweet Fish team, you’ll produce and distribute more high-quality content in less time. We’ll invite you on-site to our professional studio (or come to your space), where we’ll create 3 months of content in just 3 days. Then, we’ll do the post-production and get it ready to share.

B2B Growth

Work with a team you can trust

You deserve to work with a team you can trust: the people you would hire in-house if you could. Our team of super-cool creators has hands-on experience developing successful media brands. We’ve even created our own! When we’re not helping our clients, we’re building (and learning from) our own media brand: B2B Growth, which has over 5 million lifetime downloads.

Here's how it works:

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1. Connect with our team
Ready to get started? Schedule a call with us, and we’ll show you how Sweet Fish can help you achieve your goals.
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2. Build your new media brand
We'll work with you to define the strategy and develop the creative for your distinct media brand that fosters trust with your market.
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3. Create and distribute amazing content
Our team of content experts will plan, produce, and distribute content that resonates across all your media brand channels, including your podcast, newsletter, social media, and YouTube.
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4. Measure audience growth and engagement
We’ll provide ongoing support and optimization to ensure we meet and beat your goals, keeping you updated every step of the way. Pretty sweet, right?

Since we launched (9 months ago), we get about 650 listens per episode, and our social follower count has increased 300%.

Bethany F.
Senior Manager, Content Marketing

Want to build an engaged top-of-funnel audience across your owned media channels?