Creating a Captivating Podcast Intro

Beth Bagley
December 18, 2023
Creating a Captivating Podcast Intro

The introduction of your podcast is like a handshake with your audience—it sets the tone and makes the first, crucial impression. A strong, engaging intro can be the deciding factor for listeners, determining whether they stay or skip. It's a unique opportunity to grab attention, introduce the theme, and hint at the engaging content ahead.

We know the stakes feel high, and in terms of podcasts and audience engagement they kind of are, but don’t let that intimidate you. Below, we outline what you need to have in your podcast intro and even include a few of our favorite podcast intro examples you can draw some inspiration from.

The Importance of a Strong Podcast Intro

The podcast intro sets the stage for the entire episode. It's where you establish the tone and personality of your podcast. A well-crafted podcast intro aligns with your brand's voice, whether it's professional, casual, humorous, or informative. Consistency in this tone helps in building a loyal listener base, as audiences come to know what to expect and connect with your unique style.

Statistics show that most listeners decide within the first few minutes whether to continue listening to an episode. According to NPR, 20-35% of podcast listeners drop off within the first five minutes. You have seconds to make an impact– make your podcast intro count (and avoid hefty listener dropoffs) by including these key features.

What to Include in Your Podcast Intro

30-Second Limit

The golden rule of podcast intros is brevity. Ideally, 30 seconds is all you need. Why? Because in today's fast-paced digital world, attention spans are short. You have a narrow window to grab and hold your listener's attention. If your episodes are short, consider trimming your podcast intro down even further to match the fast pace of your show. This time frame is your opportunity to make an impact, to intrigue, and to promise value. Anything longer risks losing your audience before you've even begun.

Motivations to Keep Listening

Your intro should answer a fundamental question for your listener: "Why should I keep listening?" This is where you dangle the carrot – be it the promise of untold stories, unprecedented insights, or simply an escape from the mundane. Your intro should communicate to the listener that what's to come is not just worth their time but potentially transformative.

Introduction to the Podcast

Here, you establish your identity. Who are you, and what is your podcast about? This isn't just naming your show; it's about branding it in the listener's mind. Your podcast's theme, tone, and personality should shine through. This is your chance to establish a connection, to say, "This is our journey, and here's why you'll want to join us."

Overview of the Episode

Finally, give your listeners a sneak peek of the episode. This isn't about spoilers; it's about setting the stage. What can they expect from this episode? What themes will you explore, and what questions might you answer? This is your chance to pique listener curiosity and set the agenda.

Music and Sound Effects

The right tune can set the mood for your entire podcast. Whether it's upbeat, mysterious, or calming, your intro music is a reflection of your brand's personality. But remember, not every podcast needs a jingle. Sometimes, a simple, well-delivered spoken intro does the trick.

Crafting Your Podcast Intro: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Scripting Your Intro

Begin by writing a script for your intro. This ensures a smooth flow and helps maintain consistency across episodes. Here are two script templates to get you started:

Template 1: The Basics (10-15 seconds)

"Welcome to [Podcast Name], where we [briefly describe your podcast's purpose]. I'm [Your Name], and today we'll explore [episode topic]. Let's dive in!"

Template 2: Full-Featured (20-30 seconds)

"[Intro music] Hello, and welcome to [Podcast Name], the show that [podcast's purpose]. I'm [Your Name], and in this episode, we'll uncover [episode topic]. Stay tuned for some fascinating insights!"

Step 2: Recording Your Intro

Use a high-quality microphone and recording software to capture your intro. Ensure your voice is clear and the music levels are balanced. Learn more about the podcast setup and recording software we recommend. 

Step 3: Editing and Polishing

Edit your intro for clarity and conciseness. Tools like can help you fine-tune the audio quality. You can also look into hiring a podcast production company for audio mixing and other production-related services. 

Best Practices for Podcast Intros

Keep It Short and Sweet

Aim for an intro that's 15 to 30 seconds long. This length is enough to cover all essential elements without losing the listener's interest.

Balance Music and Voice

Ensure your background music doesn't overpower your voice. Test your intro on different devices to check for audio balance.

Use Podcast-safe Music

Avoid legal issues by using royalty-free or podcast (and YouTube) safe music. Websites like offer a wide selection of tracks.

Be Consistent Yet Flexible

While consistency in your intro helps in brand recognition, don't shy away from making small tweaks to keep it fresh and relevant.

Integrate Listener Feedback

Along the same lines of being flexible comes listening to the feedback of your audience. Some podcasters take this a step further by integrating listener feedback directly into their intros (and other elements of their episodes). This approach not only fosters a sense of community but also makes listeners feel like an integral part of the podcast.

Top Podcast Intro Examples

Let's dissect a few examples of great podcast intros:

B2B Growth

B2B Growth's intro is succinct and engaging, quickly immersing listeners into the world of B2B marketing. It features a clear, inviting voiceover that introduces the show's focus on practical growth strategies, coupled with upbeat background music, setting a professional yet approachable tone for the insightful discussions that follow.

The Daily by The New York Times

This podcast does a fantastic job of setting the stage. The intro is concise, the host's voice is clear and authoritative, and the background music sets a serious, news-like tone.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan's podcast intro is a blend of humor and intrigue. It's unconventional, much like the podcast itself, and does an excellent job of reflecting the show's personality.


This podcast's intro is a masterclass in storytelling. It's engaging, sets the context beautifully, and the background score adds to the suspense, perfectly aligning with the nature of the podcast.

The Common Thread

Analyzing these intros, we notice a pattern: they're all short, engaging, and reflective of the podcast's tone and content. Most importantly, they’re all original. Your intro should reflect the niche your show fills and be easy to link to your unique brand.

Final Thoughts

It may feel like your podcast intro has to be perfect before you can launch your show, but that is just not true. Your intro will grow and change with your show and as get more comfortable on the mic. Plus, following the tips above will give you a sure-fire way to have a strong intro right off the bat. 

For all the B2B marketers out there, if you’d like to take what you learned here a step further, check out this article on how to write incredible B2B podcast intros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Every Podcast Have an Intro?

Yes, every podcast should have an intro. It's crucial for setting the stage and engaging your audience right from the start.

How Long Should a Podcast Intro Be?

Ideally, a podcast intro should be between 15 to 30 seconds. This duration is sufficient to introduce the episode without losing listener interest.

Can I Change My Intro Over Time?

Absolutely! It's a good practice to refresh your intro occasionally to keep it relevant and engaging.

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