10 Easy-to-Use Design Tools for Small Business Owners

Katie Allred
August 6, 2015
10 Easy-to-Use Design Tools for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are great at a lot of things, but design isn’t always one of those things.
Thankfully, there are plenty of online tools that make design easy for anyone. We’re going to take a quick look through 10 tools that make design easy for small business owners.

1) Canva

Simply put: Canva is amazing.
Need to make a quick Facebook cover image? How about something for Instagram? It’s easy to do in Canva.
Canva comes with tons of done-for-you templates and allows you to create just about anything.

2) Pixlr

You can either use Pixlr locally on your computer or on the web, which gives you some flexibility for creating things offline.
This tool isn’t as easy as Canva, but your imagination is the limit.

3) Pablo from Buffer

Pablo is great for creating quote art to share on social media. You can literally create a beautiful quote image in less than 3 minutes.
Try it out, then tweet us what you made -- We'll retweet you, you'll get famous, and we'll all die happy.

4) PicMonkey

PicMonkey is incredible. It’s a photo editor with lots of fun features, such as a variety of effects and text to choose from.
Again, it’s not as easy as Canva, but it’s the best bet for photo editing.

5) PiktoChart

Infographics used to be really...REALLY hard to create. So you had to shell out lots of cash to a fancy designer to make them for you.
PiktoChart changed that. This tool has multiple templates, making it insanely easy to create beautiful infographics.

6) WordSwag

WordSwag is an easy-to-use design app for the iPhone. It’s especially great for quote art.
However, there are 2 limitations to note with WordSwag: You can only create square art and there are fewer than 20 designs.

7) Over

Over is another great design app for the iPhone. It’s similar to WordSwag, but with Over you get to design how the words are placed.
The app is limited because it only creates square images....but that makes it perfect for Instagram!

8) Phonto

Phonto is an iPhone app that's perfect if you want to make a transparent PNG and layer it on an image (such as a logo).
You can also use it to turn rectangular images into squares.

9) BeHappy.Me

BeHappy.Me is a simple website that creates square quote images. It has preloaded fonts and color templates.
If you’re in a hurry, this website is a safe bet.

10) Skitch

Love Evernote? Well they made another app...and it's awesome. Skitch offers the ability to create annotations on any image.
This is great for designing standard operating procedures for your team, showing your client exactly what you need them to see, or

Do you have any favorite design tools? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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