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We help you launch a podcast to engage your superfans and incubate your best content ideas.

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Become your buyer's favorite show.

Your podcast should keep listeners coming back for every episode-we're talking a following of super fans here. We'll help you get there by developing a strategy, coordinating guest bookings, training your host, and more.

Plan episodes effortlessly with the help of custom briefs.

With a podcast, preparation is half the equation. So before each episode, we’ll send over a brief to help your host get familiar with the topic and guest. It will include an overview of the guest, their background, questions to ask, and the ideal episode format.

Leave the professional post-production to us (it’s better this way).

Post-production requires niche technical skills and tons of time. Let the experts handle it for you! Our professional audio engineers will refine the audio for each episode of your show, and we'll also produce the video, text, and graphics.

Work with a dedicated podcast producer.

You’ll work with a dedicated producer who will be your main point of contact for your podcast. They’ll plan your distribution strategy and take care of production from start to finish, transforming your brand’s message into attention-grabbing episodes.

Have us handle guest booking coordination.

Finding industry experts, sending emails, trying to find a date that works for everyone … yeah, guest booking is a ton of work. If you go with our Sweetest level, we'll coordinate all guest bookings, setting you up with experts and potential clients from your target market.

What else is included?

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Unlimited episodes per month
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Full production of trailer episode
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Publishing to all major podcast platforms
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Background music (no licensing fees)
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Intro, outro, ad spot scripts, and voiceover

Sweet Fish gave us podcasting wings and taught us how to fly. We partnered with Sweet Fish Media without knowing a darn thing about podcasting. They came in and helped us go from 0 listeners to over 20k in about 9 months. It was incredible! With their help, we've published over 34 episodes, 70 micro-videos, and a BOAT load of increased brand awareness.

Travis T.
Content Specialist

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