What Does a B2B Podcast Agency Do?

Emily Kingland
September 16, 2021
What Does a B2B Podcast Agency Do?

Recently, I tried to explain to my mom again what my company does. I'm not sure if she's any clearer on what a b2b podcast agency does. I don't know if she'll ever understand what I do for a job.

Nevertheless, this interaction inspired me to tell all the moms out there what a B2B podcast agency does. Here are the questions we're exploring today:

This one's for the moms.


What is a B2B podcast agency?

A B2B podcast agency is a team of producers, audio engineers, writers, designers, and podcast marketers that's hired by a B2B company to create and promote their podcast. Some B2B podcast agencies also offer video editing, content strategizing, and thought leadership coaching.

In other words, a B2B podcast agency is a machine that pumps out content -- namely, podcasts -- on behalf of its customers.

The reason they're geared specifically to B2B podcasts is because B2B companies make up the majority of their customers. These B2B companies either don't have the time or the resources to plan, produce, and promote a podcast. They do, however, realize the value that a B2B podcast brings to their company.

Value like what Chad Sanderson -- Managing Partner at ValueSelling Associates, Inc. and host of The B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast -- has seen.


What does a B2B podcast agency do?

A full-service B2B podcast agency plans, produces, and promotes podcasts for its B2B clients.

The keyword here is "full-service." Not all B2B podcast agencies are the same. Some agencies don't always offer the whole package.

Full-Service B2B Podcast Agency

If you're looking for a full-service B2B podcast agency, make sure they've got the goods. You don't want to get tangled up in an agreement with an agency that claims it does everything when -- in reality -- it doesn't.

Services a full-service B2B podcast agency should offer:

  • Content planning
  • Launch strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Recording equipment and setup assistance
  • Audio editing/mixing
  • Guest booking
  • Guest follow-up
  • Publishing/syndication
  • Cover art
  • Promotional graphics
  • Show notes
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Video editing
  • ABM coaching
  • Quarterly podcast reviews
  • Dedicated producer
  • Thought leadership development
  • Content marketing coaching

An actual full-service B2B podcast agency should be able to offer support in every single aspect of your show. Even if you don't need all of these services, it's nice to know they're available in case you do.


Other Types of Podcast Agencies

If you find that you don't need most of the services listed above, you might not need to hire a full-service podcast agency. You could go with another type of podcast agency.

The five types of podcast agencies include...

  1. Full-service podcast agency: The kind we discussed above.
  2. Podcast production agency: Offers equipment suggestions, audio editing, sometimes transcripts.
  3. Podcast booking agency: Finds and books suitable guests for your show.
  4. Podcast creative agency: Offers high-end production services for editorial podcasts (not usually B2B).
  5. Podcast advertising agency: Matches advertisers and podcasts.

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The four agency types besides full-service focus on specific parts of the podcasting process. A full-service B2B podcast agency like Sweet Fish covers all aspects of podcasting with our proven process.

Who does a B2B podcast agency work for?

B2B podcast agencies work for B2B companies that want to produce a podcast for one of five reasons:

  1. Audience growth
  2. To build relationships with industry influencers
  3. To build relationships with potential customers
  4. To reduce customer churn
  5. To pass on organizational information

Oftentimes companies have more than one of these goals in mind when they start a podcast. And, many of them do overlap with one another.

However, it's important for B2B podcasters to prioritize just one of these goals. Otherwise, their show runs the risk of not reaching any of them.

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While it may seem that B2B podcast agencies mainly work for the marketing side of a business, the ultimate purpose is to generate sales qualified leads that drive revenue. Believe it or not, a podcast can directly impact a B2B company's revenue. When you use your podcast to interview potential customers, you build mutually-beneficial relationships that can easily turn into business opportunities -- opportunities that generate revenue.


Simply put, relationships built from making content together drive revenue.

Why would a company hire a B2B podcast agency?

Typically, a company hires a B2B podcast agency to produce and edit their branded podcast. Most times, the company recognizes the value that a B2B podcast offers but doesn't have the time or the resources to launch one.

A full-service podcast agency helps companies...

  • Strategize for their show
  • Brand their podcast
  • Book guests
  • Record interviews
  • Edit audio
  • Launch their show
  • Promote it
  • Measure their show's success

The services a customer requires from a B2B podcast agency largely depend on the resources and experts they already have on hand. For example, a Sweet Fish customer may not require our blog writing services because they have in-house writers. But, since they don't have expert podcast strategists or audio engineers in-house, they outsource those tasks to us.

Companies hire podcast agencies for the same reason they outsource anything: expertise. If you have the budget, why not get support from the people who do it for a living?

Plus, when your B2B podcast is done right, it's only a matter of time before you see some serious ROI.

The More You Know 🌈

Think you could explain to your mom what a B2B podcast agency does now?

If you have any more questions about B2B podcasting, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to chat.

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