20 Podcast Production Companies Compared with Prices

Daniel Sanchez
May 21, 2024
20 Podcast Production Companies Compared with Prices

Not all podcast production companies are created equal. When you're looking to have your podcast edited by a professional, though, you want to know you're getting the biggest bang for your buck.

So, we compared 21 of the most well-known podcast production & editing agencies so that you don't have to.

But first, let's define what a podcast production/editing company even is.

What are podcast production companies?

Podcast production companies (and podcast editing companies) offer pre and post-production services for podcast creators. These services can include recording equipment setup, audio editing & mixing, episode publishing, and podcast marketing.

Now, let's take a deeper dive into each of the listed podcast production agencies.

1. Podfly


Podfly offers podcast planning, production, and distribution support to individuals and businesses alike. The agency prides itself on the quality and professionalism of the shows it produces.

Services include...

  • Pre-production consulting
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Live online training & support
  • Help w/ hosting services
  • Intro/outro mixing
  • Addition of commercials & special segments
  • Editing of audio for any mistakes
  • Uploading to the hosting service

Podfly Prices

For shows that publish weekly, Podfly charges $925/month for recurring production services. If your episodes aren't that regular, you can bulk order from Podfly at $280/episode.

For a more intensive project, give them a call to talk budget.

Market & Customers

Podfly mainly serves mid to big SaaS and tech brands. As an individual, you might want to save some money and go with a smaller podcast production agency.

Notable customers:

  • Evernote
  • IBM
  • Nasdaq

2. Resonate


Resonate's team of audio engineers, software developers, and branding creatives offer a wide range of services and products. There are multiple packages customers can choose from, including both pre and post-production options.

Services include...

  • Audio editing & mixing
  • Voiceovers & music
  • Website hosting & development
  • Branded intro & outros
  • Season planning & storyboarding
  • Content creation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Marketing assets

Resonate Prices

Resonate's Standard plan starts at $59/episode. Mixing and matching services can run upwards of $199/episode depending on what you need. Enterprise level services (all the good stuff) go for $349/episode and up.

Market & Customers

Resonate is a viable choice for an independent creator, as well as for an organization looking for a highly-creative, narrative show format.

Notable customers:

  • Up & Vanished
  • To Live & Die in L.A.
  • Counterclock

3. Podigy


Podigy is a team of podcasters that helps creators publish high-quality sounding podcasts. They offer podcast launching services as well as pay-per-episode editing.

Services include...

  • Audio editing
  • Intro, outro, & ad mixing
  • Individual track processing
  • Show notes
  • Uploading to your hosting service
  • Podcast consultation

Podigy Prices

For independent creators, Podigy starts at $2999 for its basic audio editing startup package and $250/episode from there.

Market & Customers

Podigy does work for small organizations and nonprofits, as well as for independent creators.

Notable customers:

  • Urban Institute
  • AAAS
  • Simon Hill

4. Castos Productions


Castos Productions — formerly known as PodcastMotor — is a podcast editing service staffed by experienced audio engineers, writers, and producers. The Castos team offers several post-production services as long as you can record and send the audio files to them.

Services include…

  • Complete audio engineering
  • Show notes
  • Quality review
  • Social media assets
  • Publishing to Castos dashboard & WordPress
  • Analytics reporting
  • Transcripts

Castos Productions Prices

Castos Productions audio editing starts at $1500/month. This doesn’t include the hosting services Castos has become known for that starts at $29/month. 

Market & Customers

Castos hosts and produces shows for individuals as well as mid to enterprise B2B brands.

Notable customers:

  • buffer
  • CoSchedule
  • Niche Pursuits

5. Sonics Podcasts


A one-person show, Sonics Podcasts was founded by Alex Kontis, who still handles all of the operations today. Sonics seeks to help podcast creators at any point in their show, whether you’re just starting or are a few seasons deep.

Services include…

  • Conceptualizing & planning your podcast
  • Complete audio editing
  • Collaboration throughout your show
  • Show notes
  • Publishing to your hosting site

Sonics Podcasts Prices

Sonics’ prices start at about $75/episode for up to 20 minutes of audio consisting of one speaker. Prices go up to about $221/episode for a recording 60-90 minutes in length containing two speakers.

Market & Customers

Sonics’ customer base consists mainly of indie creators; however, Alex has done work for small to medium organizations too.

Notable customers:

  • Master Investor
  • Rebecca Caldwell
  • Growthfully

6. Pro Podcast Solutions


Since 2008, Pro Podcast Solutions has been helping creators optimize their recording equipment and turning out quality audio. As a small team of sound engineers, PPS focuses on the technical stuff so their customers can do what they do best: create content.

Services include...

  • Voice balancing
  • Intro & outro mixing
  • Ad mixing
  • Unlimited sound revisions
  • Show notes
  • Audiograms
  • Priority production turnaround

Pro Podcast Solutions Pricing

Starting at $97/episode, PPS offers everything from professional sound mixing to a dedicated audio editor and account manager. The benefits and turnaround speed increase from there, depending on which a la carte episode add-on services (such as video edits and show notes) you may choose to include.

Market & Customers

Pro Podcast Solutions produces shows for small B2B brands and indie creators. Their team edits interview-based as well as narrative style shows.

Notable customers:

  • Self-Publishing School
  • Contender Brands
  • Black to Business

7. ScrubCast


ScrubCast is a podcast editing agency that doesn't require any contracts and edits your first podcast episode for free. Their team is open to working around your publishing schedule and is willing to edit more than four episodes per month.

Services include...

  • Editing mistakes and any unwanted noises
  • Intro, outro & ad mixing
  • Normalizing EQs
  • Show notes
  • Revisions
  • Episode artwork

ScrubCast Pricing

With ScrubCast you can choose between paying as you go ($120/episode) or paying for four episodes upfront for $440. For more than four episodes per month, prices and plans can be negotiated.

Market & Customers

While they have no customers or shows listed on their website, it's safe to say that ScrubCast probably works primarily with SMBs and entrepreneurs.

8. Podcast Engineers


The team at Podcast Engineers is dedicated to making podcasters' lives easier. They help new and established shows with a post-production process that illuminates their voices.

Services include...

  • Audio editing & mastering
  • Voice profiling specific to your setup
  • Podcast setup
  • Recording consultation
  • WordPress assistance
  • Website creation
  • Show notes
  • Episode graphics
  • Transcripts
  • Consistent feedback & tips

Podcast Engineers Pricing

For four audio-only episodes up to 60-minutes in length, Podcast Engineers charges a total of $365/month. Four episodes up to one hour run plus video $780 and four 60-minute episodes will cost you $1195/month.

Podcast Engineers also offer add-ons for extra, including show notes and website development.

Market & Customers

The markets Podcast Engineers tend to serve include real estate businesses, entrepreneurs, and other SMB brands.

Notable customers:

  • 7 Figure Flipping
  • PUSHLiving

9. Freedom Podcasting


Freedom Podcasting offers podcast editing along with other pre and post-production services. Their team prides itself on quick, inexpensive sound engineering.

Services include...

  • Show ideation & execution
  • Launch planning
  • Cover art design
  • SEO help
  • Episode graphics
  • Audio editing & mixing
  • Distribution

Freedom Podcasting Prices

Depending on the length of your finished episode, expect to pay $85-$225 for Freedom Podcasting services.

Market & Customers

Freedom Podcasting works with medium to large organizations, including nonprofits. Their target market also consists of entrepreneurs and alternative medicine professionals.

Notable customers:

  • Oregon State University
  • William & Mary University
  • Dr. Robert Berry

10. Barevalue


As the name implies, Barevalue offers inexpensive pay-as-you-go pricing in exchange for sound editing and show notes. Their service boasts an easy online process and a four-day turnaround.

Services include...

  • Audio editing
  • Show notes
  • 4-day turnarounds

Barevalue Prices

Partnering with Barevalue automatically gives you $40 of credit with them. Otherwise, expect to pay $0.89 per minute of audio. For a 30-minute episode, you'll pay less than $27.

An express turnaround (two business days) will cost you an additional $1/minute of audio. Show notes will also cost you an additional $1/minute of audio.

Market & Customers

It's clear that with their prices Barevalue appeals to indie creators, like entrepreneurs and industry influencers. But their prices also attract large nonprofits and B2B SaaS companies.

Notable customers:

  • Salesforce
  • Harvard University
  • University of Pennsylvania

11. JAR Audio


JAR Audio is a podcast production agency that specializes in top-tier branded shows. Their team helps their customers fully understand their ideal audiences and offers the best podcasting strategies to target them.

Services include...

  • Podcast conceptualization & strategy
  • Season planning
  • Recording assistance
  • Audio editing
  • Sound mixing
  • Host-server setup
  • Show promotion
  • Analytics reporting

JAR Audio Prices

These folks aren't messing around. To partner with JAR, you need to sign on for six episodes and be prepared to fork out around $48,000. That's $8,000/episode which includes strategy, launch, production, and promotion.

JAR typically produces 20-30 minute episodes at $400 per finished minute. So there ya go.

Market & Customers

JAR's market consists of large B2C brands as well as nonprofits in the healthcare industry and media companies.

Notable customers:

  • lululemon
  • BBC StoryWorks
  • Expedia

12. Sweet Fish Media

Being a full-service media brand agency, Sweet Fish Media offers more than most podcast production companies. This expert team is versed in every single component of the business podcasting process -- from booking great guests to content marketing coaching to top-tier audio engineering.

Services include...

  • Podcast content planning & strategy
  • Launch package
  • Guest outreach, scheduling & follow-up
  • Audio editing & mixing
  • Professional intro, outro & ad recordings
  • Graphic design
  • Optimized headlines & show notes
  • ABM podcast coaching
  • Blogs & social media posts
  • Video editing
  • Thought leadership coaching
  • Dedicated producer
  • Quarterly podcast reporting
  • Lead magnets
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Email newsletter production and distribution
  • Guaranteed audience growth
  • Full-length video podcast editing and publishing
  • In-studio media days

Sweet Fish Media Prices

The Sweet package from Sweet Fish Media, priced at $6,500/month, offers a comprehensive suite of services for not only podcast launch and production but the entire launch of a media brand. This foundational package helps companies create a brand affinity-based content marketing approach, engaging the 97% of the audience not immediately ready to purchase. It positions podcasts as value-driven thought leaders, rather than just another sales pitch. This includes creating newsletters with a guaranteed monthly subscriber base by ensuring a consistent and engaging presence in the audience's inbox. The Sweet package also includes social media management and full-length episodes published on YouTube– everything you need to launch a B2B media brand successfully. 

For those seeking to expand their reach, Sweet Fish Media's Sweeter plan, at $11,500+/month, includes all the benefits of the Sweet package, plus enhanced content marketing services and access to a professional studio for three days. In these 3 days, the Sweet Fish team will help your team create 3 months' worth of podcast content. 

The premium offering, the Sweetest package, is available for $19,500+/month. It encompasses all the features of the Sweet and Sweeter plans while scaling the content output. 

All these packages from Sweet Fish Media are designed to elevate a company's profile beyond regular podcasting services. Sweet Fish Media assists not only in podcast production but also in creating a B2B media brand for your company. The pricing may look a little higher than other podcast production companies at first, but the ROI is significantly higher.

Market & Customers

Sweet Fish's target market mainly consists of medium to large B2B SaaS companies.

Notable customers:

  • Outreach.io
  • Ingram Micro
  • BombBomb

13. The Podcast Haven


The Podcast Haven is a podcast production company that focuses on crafting audible stories for businesses, social media influencers, and their corporate partners. Founder and Chief Engineer, Eric Montgomery, has built his career on doing voiceovers for TV, video games, radio ads, and podcasts.

Services include...

  • Conceptualization & planning
  • Mobile recording
  • Sound editing
  • Podcast promotion
  • Dedicated producer
  • Show notes
  • Audiograms

The Podcast Haven Prices

Audio editing services start at $250/episode when you work with The Podcast Haven. You can score show notes for $125/episode and audiograms for $50 each. Quote graphics go for $25 a pop.

For their enterprise packages, The Podcast Haven asks that you contact them for a custom quote.

Market & Customers

Many of The Podcast Haven's customers are enterprise-level B2C brands and media companies. However, some of their target market includes social media influencers and solopreneurs.

Notable customers:

  • L.A. Times
  • Nike
  • Burn Bootcamp

14. Knucklehead Media Group


Knucklehead Media Group cares about more than great audio. This agency strives to help its customers strategize, fully produce, and promote their podcasts in addition to standard sound editing.

Services include...

  • Podcast planning & show development
  • Hosting service setup
  • Post-production editing
  • Transcripts
  • Show notes
  • Distribution
  • Commercial advice
  • Marketing

Knucklehead Media Group Prices

If you're ready to commit to a full lineup of podcast production services, Knucklehead is a viable partner. They offer two packages, the first being for creators that already have a show. Moving your show over to Knucklehead will run you $1,479/month. Starting a brand new podcast costs $4,000/ month.

Market & Customers

Knucklehead caters to medium to large SaaS companies as well as unaffiliated creators dealing in finance and politics.

Notable customers:

  • Access Points
  • Landing Collective
  • The Upward Spiral

15. Next Day Podcast


The Next Day Podcast team provides podcasters with affordable and fast post-production and editing services. While you focus on the content of your show, Next Day locks down your sound mixing and audio.

Services include...

  • Intro & outro mixing
  • Ad insertion
  • Professional audio editing
  • Noise reduction
  • Mistakes removed ID3 tagging
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Music mixing
  • Sound effects
  • Access to a licensed music library
  • Uploading episodes to hosting site

Next Day Podcast Prices

For a 24-hour turnaround and up to 30 minutes of raw audio, Next Day charges $60/episode. For up to 90 minutes in the Hobby plan, expect to pay $90/episode.

The Professionalo plan that includes music mixing and sound effects starts at $90/episode up to 30 minutes of raw audio. For 90 minutes of the Gold package, it's $120/episode.

Market & Customers

Next Day's customer base is made up of B2B enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs involved in real estate, technology, sports, and spirituality.

Notable customers:

  • Siegel+Gale
  • Swinerton
  • SportBusiness

16. We Edit Podcasts


Founded in 2015 by Carli van Heerden, We Edit Podcasts is dedicated to giving podcasters back their time by turning out high-quality audio at an affordable rate. Its mission is to offer quality podcast creation to all citizens of the world.

Services include...

  • Podcast launch
  • Basic & advanced audio editing
  • Transcripts
  • Show notes
  • Video editing
  • Marketing services

We Edit Podcasts Prices

For their basic editing-only package, you pay $425/month for five episodes each month. For the 5 episodes of both video and audio editing, expect to pay around $925/month.

Market & Customers

With over 1800 customers, We Edit Podcasts serves some of the largest enterprises in the world. Those include media and SaaS companies.

Notable customers:

  • Adobe
  • Berkeley University
  • Google

17. AudioFile Solutions


Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, AudioFile Solutions provide a full line of podcast editing services. The agency doesn't believe that audio and video production is an inherently DIY process and that creators need expert support.

Services include...

  • Video conferencing setup
  • Audio editing
  • Removal of mistakes
  • Music mixing
  • Voiceovers
  • Visual elements
  • Transcripts

AudioFile Solutions Prices

AudioFile's Easy plan starts at $75/episode and allows you to record using your own equipment. With the Easier package, AudioFile's team records you and your guests over video conference for $150/episode.

To record in the professional podcast studio, it will run you $350/episode.

Market & Customers

AudioFile Solutions works with large brands including media companies and nonprofits.

Notable customers:

  • ControlScan
  • ESPN The Magazine
  • University of California Irving

18. Truth Work Media


Truth Work Media was started by Michael Yoder when he decided to quit his day job and pursue his freelancing passions full-time. Now, Michael and his team of experts create websites and podcasts for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Services include...

  • Launch strategy
  • Episode stitching
  • Mixing
  • Removal of mistakes
  • Mastering
  • Content editing
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Cover art

Truth Work Media Prices

The Traditional package costs $320/month, providing services for up to three episodes per month. The Premium plan starts at $550/month for up to four episodes each month and the Elite plan starts at $720/month for six episodes.

With the Elite plan, you'll also receive two free startup video calls and podcast cover art.

Market & Customers

Truth Work Media works with SMBs and solopreneurs to create high-quality, branded podcasts.

Notable customers:

  • BioLogos
  • Lippert Academy for Leadership
  • Pat Ivey, Ph.D.

19. Alitu


Alitu isn't a podcast editing agency so much as it's a podcast editing software solution. While it does offer some automated editing services, it can't do some of the complex stuff that a human would be able to.

In other words, you may need to hire an audio engineer in addition to purchasing the software.

Services include...

  • Solo recording
  • Automated audio cleanup
  • Trim recordings (DIY)
  • Remove mistakes (DIY)
  • Create theme music (DIY)
  • Add music & voiceovers (DIY)
  • Add ID3 tags (DIY)

Alitu Prices

You can pay for Alitu on a monthly basis at $38/month. They also offer a free 7-day trial.

Market & Customers

Being a SaaS product, Alitu serves anybody and anything with the mind to make a podcast. That being said, Alitu is used widely by solopreneurs and indie creators, as well as businesses.

Notable customers:

  • Cristina DiGiacomo
  • Jennifer Taylor
  • Leah Lambart

20. Peachtree Sound


Peachtree Sound understands that most podcast production agencies offer the same services. That's why they strive to make a difference in the experience. Peachtree isn't a massive audio editing operation, making personal connections with their customers very important to them.

Services include...

  • Basic & advanced audio editing
  • Launch packages
  • Remote recording
  • Zoom audio improvement
  • Sound design
  • Noise reduction & removal
  • Custom music
  • Intros & outros
  • Voiceovers
  • Video editing

Peachtree Sound Prices

At Peachtree, a 30-minute episode will cost you about $149. A 45-minute episode goes for $159 and a 60-minute episode is $209. Show notes and transcripts cost $69/episode each.

Market & Customers

Although Peachtree Sound has done work for Fortune 500 companies, they serve independent creators as well.

Notable customers:

  • Disney
  • Walmart
  • YouTube

Business Podcast Production & Editing

It's important to know what you're getting with a podcast production company. Some cater to business podcasting and others serve more narrative shows.

Keep in mind that a podcast production and editing company won't offer all of the elements that a full-service podcast agency does. But, hey -- sometimes you don't need all that stuff.

If you are a B2B marketer looking for a white-glove podcast production agency, consider Sweet Fish Media’s services. From scheduling guests, promoting your podcast across social media, and even turning your content into a newsletter, Sweet Fish Media does it all. Ready to see how B2B podcasting really can be that easy? Learn more.

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