How to Promote Your Content Like a Boss

James Carbary
September 24, 2015
How to Promote Your Content Like a Boss

Promoting your content doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. The numerous social platforms and millions of bloggers to reach out to can seem daunting, but strong content marketing can be broken down into just three parts: influencer outreach, social media posting, and third party sharing.

The key to promoting your content well is to promote efficiently so you are not sifting for leads all day. It also involves knowing which platforms provide the largest return for your business and making adjustments to areas that can be improved. Many businesses struggle with content marketing because they do not know how to do it well. Be aware of these three marketing mistakes made by businesses that lead to a lack of customer growth. Enjoy the following tools that will help you carve out the inefficiencies and promote your content like a boss!

Influencer Outreach

Without a substantial audience, it can be difficult for your content to be heard. With proper blogger outreach, you are able to contact relevant bloggers and utilize their resources to promote your content. Two of the top software solutions for finding and contacting industry influencers are Ninja Outreach and Content Marketer. These will help you collect data on established bloggers and their audiences in order to promote your content. Ninja Outreach is a blogger outreach and lead generation software. When you have content you would like to share with the blogosphere, it’s great to start by finding leaders in your industry. By typing in keywords you can find bloggers’ information such as contact URL, monthly views, and other engagement data. It also has an extremely helpful Google Chrome Extension which allows you to view website data, analytics and demographics while perusing the site. Content Marketer is used to automate manual outreach. It is a tool that scans your blog for names mentioned and then scours the internet to collect emails and Twitter handles from those people. It then automatically creates a contact list that is integrated with your Google Apps, Gmail and Twitter, making it easy to send emails to these new leads.

Social Media Posting

Buffer is one of the top social account management tools. While social media remains one of the premiere marketing avenues, you do not have to designate valuable time each day towards posting. This resource offers a way to schedule automatic posts on multiple social media accounts as well as track the analytics of each. The Content Marketing Institute found that 42 percent of B2B marketers now publish more than once a week. [Tweet "Remaining competitive is made easy by scheduling multiple posts for the week all in one sitting."] Buffer offers a free version of their software giving you access to one profile for each social account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and allowing you to store 10 posts in your queue (or buffer). The Awesome and multi-level Business account options give you the freedom to manage ten profiles per social account with one hundred posts stored in your buffer. This gives you the ability to schedule posts weeks in advance.

Social Oomph will save you time and also dig deeper into managing your social media. They supply management tools across many social platforms that allow you to automate what needs to get done. They offer minimal options with their free account, but their professional account is where the action is. Providing services such as automatic direct messaging for new Twitter followers, scheduling Facebook photo uploads, and purging all tweets from an existing account is only just the tip of the iceberg. Check out their full list of awesome amenities on their site.

Third-Party Sharing

[Tweet "A key way of getting your content to the masses is to make it easy for others to share."] Click to Tweet is a simple way to streamline sharing for your readers. This software takes your content, creates a shareable link, and then tracks the people who click. Sumo Me is one of our favorite tools at Sweet Fish Media. Not only does it act as a lead generator turning site visitors into subscribers, it allows you to customize the subscription box so you can personally welcome new followers. It shows heat maps with data statistics, recorded in real time, so you can see exactly where people are clicking. This allows you to continually make adjustments and improve areas of your website that could use more traffic. Their share feature makes it super easy for people to share your content across sixteen social platforms and on all devices. With some pages being more image-heavy and others being text-heavy, Sumo Me shows you which sharing options are more effective on each page of your website.


Promoting your content is a top priority and using these tools will free up a lot of time. Gather a strong influencer contact list from Content Marketer and Ninja Outreach, streamline the labor of posting through Buffer, and then create avenues for others to post for you through Click to Tweet. The running theme is to save you time and increase your reach. Blend these into your existing practices and you will see positive results! If you need help writing and promoting your content like a boss, let us know!

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