Are You Following These 53 B2B Sales Influencers on LinkedIn?

Emily Kingland
June 25, 2020
Are You Following These 53 B2B Sales Influencers on LinkedIn?

What commonalities do Johnny Cash and Ludwig van Beethoven have? They were both musicians and… that’s about it, right?

Think again!


Johnny Cash and Beethoven both had influential mentors in their lives. Woody Guthrie was to Johnny as Neefe was to Beethoven.

So, what does this have to do with B2B sales influencers on LinkedIn? A lot, actually.

Although you may not develop as chummy of a relationship with a B2B sales influencer as the examples above, you can still learn a great deal. It’s likely the sales influencers you follow on LinkedIn are in many ways shaping your thoughts, strategies, and how you spend your time.

Following the right B2B sales influencers on LinkedIn can have an immense impact on how you view the sales world (and, ultimately, the rest of the world). 


The influencers you choose to be guided by is not some trivial decision. It’s a choice that should be met with some intentionality and gravity.

That’s why I felt it’d be helpful to draw up a list of some of the top B2B sales influencers on LinkedIn. Of course, it’d be impossible to include all of the insightful and thoughtful sales influencers out there; there are too many to count!

I did my best to name all of the thought leaders who have had an impact on me. However, if you have a name to add to the list, don’t hesitate to direct message The B2B Sales Show or Sweet Fish Media on Instagram.

Which B2B sales influencers on LinkedIn should you consider following? B2B sales influencers on LinkedIn worth following include… 

  1. Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group
  2. Gaetano DiNardi, Nextiva
  3. Lori Richardson, Score More Sales
  4. Dale Dupree, The Sales Rebellion
  5. Keenan, A Sales Guy Inc.
  6. Nikki Ivey, SDRDefenders
  7. Corporate Bro
  8. Patrick Downs, PandaDoc
  9. Jill Konrath
  10.  Justin Welsh, The Official Justin

In this article I’ll share:

  • The name and role of each influencer (some are consultants, others are VPs or managers, and others are individual contributors).
  • A LinkedIn post they wrote that really resonated with me (and got great engagement from their network).
  • Other social platforms where the influencer is active. Some of these folks are crushing on Instagram and YouTube as well!
  • If they’ve written a book or host a podcast, I’ll make sure to share that too.

But first, let’s go over some of the criteria I used when compiling this list of B2B sales influencers.

What makes a B2B sales influencer on LinkedIn worth following?

So, what were we looking for as we built this list of influencers? A combination of these criteria:

  1. Consistency. People that are creating content consistently on the platform. We don’t want to suggest that you follow folks that are only posting once a quarter.
  1. Original content. It’s really easy to “set it and forget it” when it comes to social posting. Load up a tool like Buffer to share a bunch of articles you’ve likely never even read… just for the sake of staying visible on LinkedIn. We didn’t want any of that on this list. So, the people you’ll see here are posting ORIGINAL content — not just sharing articles with little to no context about why they shared it.
  1. Engagement. Wanna know a good way to know if someone is creating genuinely helpful content? People are actually engaging with it! We wanted to highlight people in this list that have plenty of people liking, commenting, and sharing the content they’re creating.
  1. Perspective and point of view. There are some people on this list that aren’t necessarily getting off the charts engagement numbers. But, we’ve come across their content and they have a really unique perspective or point of view. My gut tells me that as more people come across their content, their engagement will see a big uptick.

Now you know how my team and I created this list of influential B2B sales pros on LinkedIn. Let’s get into the whos-who!

53 B2B sales influencers on LinkedIn you should follow

Here are 53, hand-picked, influential B2B sales leaders you should consider following on LinkedIn.

1. John Barrows, CEO of JBarrows Sales Training


Recent book: I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up! 

Podcast: Make It Happen Mondays

Why you should follow: Not only does John produce thoughtful, practical LinkedIn content for his target audience — he asks for feedback, too. In an age where everyone seems to be spewing unsought answers, John is asking the questions that really matter, the questions that make leaders think. John offers stories via video and written material about his experiences in sales development, demand generation, sales coaching, and more. With over 350,000 LinkedIn followers, Barrows is absolutely a top B2B sales influencer on the platform.

Check out this post from John:

2. Lori Richardson, Founder/President of Women Sales Pros


Recent book: She Sells

Podcast: The B2B Sales Show

Why you should follow: Lori isn’t an advocate for women. Lori is an advocate for people! Her messages shine a light on industry expectations and the reality we’re all working in. Following Richardson on LinkedIn means gaining practical tips for diversity, inclusion, and success in B2B sales. Look up persistence in the dictionary, and you’ll find Lori’s picture. She is a true force of nature and it shows through her sincere LinkedIn content.

Check out this post from Lori:

3. Trish Bertuzzi, Founder/CEO of The Bridge Group


Recent book: The Sales Development Playbook

Featured on: Seeking Wisdom, The B2B Sales Show, B2B Growth, more here

Why you should follow: Trailblazer? Yes. Truth-speaker? Yes. One of the most knowledgeable sales pros in the biz? Absolutely. Trish isn’t afraid to talk numbers or speak her mind. If you’re searching for a B2B sales influencer who offers analytical insight, logical decision-making, and actionable advice, you’ve found your girl. Join the 257,000 followers who engage with Bertuzzi’s hard-hitting LinkedIn content, including her famous #truthbomboftheday.

Check out this post from Trish:

4. Chris Walker, CEO at Refine Labs


Featured on: B2B Growth

Why you should follow: Creatives, marketers, strategists, sales pros: You will not regret following Chris Walker on LinkedIn. If you’re tired of B2B sales “influencers” weighing you down with the things they think are right, Walker is a breath of fresh air. 

He understands that not everybody’s recipe is going to be the same. Through his authentic videos and written posts, Chris encourages his followers to pick out the components that work for them. That’s where true innovation is born.

Check out this post from Chris:

5. Scott Ingram, Founder of Sales Success Media


Recent book: Sales Success Stories

Podcast: Sales Success Stories Podcast

Why you should follow: We’re all human. If anybody operates by that mantra, it’s Scott Ingram. That’s what makes his content so intriguing, whether it be his podcast, his book, or his LinkedIn posts. 

Plus, he’s not afraid to amplify the thoughts of other B2B sales leaders — we’re all in this together, right? Scott uses LinkedIn as a platform to encourage, educate, and stir up helpful feedback for all.

Check out this post from Scott:

6. Dale Dupree, Founder of The Sales Rebellion


Podcasts: Selling Local Podcast, The B2B Sales Show

Why you should follow: Looking to change up your sales game? Look no further than Dale “The Copier Warrior” Dupree. Dale is raking in the LinkedIn engagement and for good reason, too. 

His original content is like a breath of fresh air, combining honesty with empathy and real-life scenarios, not just sales-y B.S. Dupree isn’t afraid of mixing in humor or unabashed candor into his posts, because that’s just who he is!

Check out this post from Dale:

7. Nikki Ivey, Co-founder at SDRDefenders


Podcast: B2B Growth

Why you should follow: Ivey is making a name for herself in the B2B sales and marketing world. Through her relevant and on-point LinkedIn content, Nikki educates B2B leaders on diversity, inclusion, and the power of community. She addresses the topics many sales pros are too apprehensive to bring up — topics we all should be open about. 

Nikki encourages authenticity in an industry that’s known for its falsehoods. Give her a follow for honest — and at many times fabulous — content.

Check out this post from Nikki:

8. Josh Roth, Sr. Business Development Manager at WalkMe


Featured on: The B2B Sales Show, Make It Happen Mondays, Demo Like A User

Why you should follow: Josh has a talent for drawing connections between sales life and the rest of life. His LinkedIn content, while informative and engaging, is also down-to-earth and realistic.

If you find yourself referencing The Office at work, at home, or while traveling, seriously consider following this guy on LinkedIn — you won’t be disappointed.

Check out this post from Josh:

9. Sarah Brazier, Sr. SDR at


Featured on: The B2B Sales Podcast

Why you should follow: Being a sales development rep doesn’t have to be boring. Sarah brings power and spunk to the game — two things most B2B sales pros overlook. No one likes to read or watch boring sales stuff (at least, I don’t). 

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see Sarah’s in-your-face, not-afraid-to-stand-out content! She gives real B2B sales advice in real language that real people want to engage with.

Check out this post from Sarah:

10. Chris von Huene, Account Executive at Xerox


Featured on: The Sales Rebellion

Why you should follow: Chris has quite possibly mastered the informal selfie video. You know, the kind where it feels like the person is speaking directly to you? The unfiltered, no B.S. videos that are engaging while still informational. 

Add a heaping cup of inspiration, and you’ve got Chris’s content style. It’s no wonder his followership continues to grow like gangbusters.

Check out this post from Chris:

11. Jill Konrath, Founder of JILL KONRATH (Management Consulting)


Recent book: More Sales, Less Time

Why you should follow: For starters, Jill was named LinkedIn’s #1 B2B Sales Expert to Follow in 2019. Konrath is consistently generating insightful content and sharing those insights via LinkedIn. 

As an experienced sales exec, keynote speaker, and four-time bestselling author, Jill knows her stuff and is motivated to get others in the know. Join her nearly 400,000 LinkedIn followers!

Check out this post from Jill:

12. Becc Holland, Head of Sales Development at


Featured on: Flip the Script

Why you should follow: Energetic, real, and hilarious are all words to describe Becc’s LinkedIn content. If you enjoy being entertained while still learning about B2B sales, Holland is your feast master. 

Averaging thousands of views and hundreds of reactions, her videos and written content bring up the questions you’ve always wondered about. Questions like, “How fast can I chug a Monster energy drink?”

Check out this post from Becc:


13. Gaetano DiNardi, Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva


Podcast: Musicians in Tech

Featured on: B2B Growth, Make it Happen Mondays, Accelerate! w/ Andy Paul

Why you should follow: Gaetano is what you could call a Renaissance Man of B2B Sales. He’s taken the best practices and turned them on their heads and all you have to do is visit his LinkedIn profile to see that. 

B2B sales does not have to be boring or stuffy or even sales-y. In fact, it shouldn’t be. And Denardi has concocted the perfect recipe for rousing, evergreen LinkedIn content. Hey, would his 18k followers lie?

Check out this post from Gaetano:

14. Miles Veth, CEO at Veth Group


Why you should follow: You’re not going to get the same quality or authenticity with behemoth B2B influencers as you will with real-life practitioners like Miles. Although he’s busy with his own agency, Miles pushes back the curtain on LinkedIn to reveal a really cool, down-to-earth guy. 

His LinkedIn material mixes the best of B2C and B2B tips and tricks through uplifting video and written posts. Through his sincerity, Veth is on his way to becoming a very influential voice on the ol’ LI.

Check out this post from Miles:

15. Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker


Podcast: The Sales Engagement Podcast

Featured on: B2B Growth, Demo-litions, Not Another Sales Podcast

Why you should follow: You know that friend who’s always willing to grab a coffee with you or help you move? That’s kind of how it feels following Scott Barker on LinkedIn. You can always count on Scott to share a story or experience that’s relatable and gives you a little chuckle at the end. 

Plus, he’s taken personal branding to a whole new level in the B2B sales space. Wanna stay in the know? Follow Barker.

Check out this post from Scott:

16. Max Altschuler, Founder/CEO of Sales Hacker


Recent book: Career Hacking for Millennials

Podcast: Career Hacking Podcast

Featured on: B2B Growth, The Surf & Sales Podcast, Sales Leadership Podcast

Why you should follow: Is there anything in B2B sales this guy hasn’t done? In addition to his books, podcast, and starting a revolutionary movement called Sales Hacker, Max pumps out some pretty killer LinkedIn content too. 

With nearly 40,000 followers, Altschuler uses the platform to spread the word on groundbreaking insights, good company culture, and work/life balance. (Also, Max thinks we’re all living in a simulation. So if you like conspiracies…)

Check out this post from Max:

17. Morgan J. Ingram, Director of Sales Execution & Evolution at JB Sales Training


YouTube channel: The SDR Chronicles

Featured on: James Pickin’ Brains

Why you should follow: Simply put, Morgan is a video content master. Not only does he have a very successful YouTube series, but he makes separate videos especially for the LinkedIn community. Not gonna lie: It’s annoying when you go to click Play on someone’s vid and it takes you off-site. 

Morgan gets it. Not to mention, he shares actionable advice that you can implement, like, now. AND he’s been named a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice TWICE. *mic drop*

Check out this post from Morgan:

18. Kyle Coleman, VP of Revenue Growth & Enablement at Clari


Why you should follow: Honesty is a virtue and Coleman exemplifies it through his original and thought-provoking LinkedIn content. Kyle isn’t afraid to share what he’s learned from professional experiences in an engaging and relatable way. 

And, the reactions to his content (often in the hundreds), show he isn’t about to go anywhere unless that direction is up.

One of my favorite posts:

19. Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at Help Scout


Featured on: B2B Growth, The Data-Driven Marketer

Why you should follow: Many B2B sales and marketing pros are afraid to ask questions they don’t know the answers to. Adam’s not. While he posts a plethora of B2B answers, he’s also willing to throw in questions for other influencers on LinkedIn. Goyette doesn’t want to sell a product. 

He doesn’t want to sell his brand. He wants to start a conversation, and that’s why I follow him.

Check out this post from Adam:

20. Logan Lyles, Director of Partnerships at Sweet Fish Media


Podcasts: B2B Growth, The B2B Sales Show, Crafting Culture

Why you should follow: Logan has a special skill for taking in a high-level process, digesting it, and presenting it in an easy-to-understand way. Sort of like how a mother penguin feeds her young… just less yucky. You’ll see from his LinkedIn content that he’s a natural-born teacher. 

Because, let’s face it, some of these B2B sales ideas take a little bit to get your mind around. Logan does the heavy lifting in this sense, and that alone makes him worthy of a follow!

Check out this post from Logan:

21. Mark A. Smith, Sr. VP of Sales at Frontpoint


Featured on: B2B Growth, Electric People Podcast, The Business Leaders Podcast

Why you should follow: Tired of the shallow, poorly-written B2B sales “advice” on LinkedIn? Lucky for you, Smith is not only knowledgeable about business — he’s highly skilled in prose. 

His 65k+ followers know that Mark is dedicated to promoting the truth and not a product. Mixed with his spot-on sales insights you’ll find inspiring stories about the power of community and the human spirit.

Check out this post from Mark:

22. Sam Nelson, SDR Leader at Outreach


Why you should follow: For starters, the guy dyed his hair blue to motivate his SDR team. If that’s not dedication to your field, I don’t know what is! Sam is an SDR Leader in every sense of the title and his LinkedIn content reflects that. 

Being an SDR isn’t an easy thing; luckily, Sam’s SDR-focused posts offer a heavy dose of optimism and tons of valuable advice for getting in the best mindset for selling. SDRs and sales managers alike can benefit from giving Nelson a follow.

Check out this post from Sam:

23. Collin Cadmus, VP of Sales at Aircall


Featured on: Predictable Revenue, Hey Salespeople, Sales Leadership Podcast

Why you should follow: If you’re at all interested in how psychology affects B2B sales, give Collin Cadmus a follow. Collin combines practical sales (and life) advice with the impacts of mental health, current trends, and his personal experiences. 

Many of Collin’s original posts have compiled reactions into the thousands. He’s tapped into what makes a successful LinkedIn post just by choosing to be authentic and straightforward. Mind-blowing, right?

Check out this post from Collin:

24. Amy Volas, Founder/CEO of Avenue Talent Partners


Featured on: James Picks Brains, The Sales Engagement Podcast

Why you should follow: Consistent and applicable LinkedIn posts? Sign me up! Amy ties in current events with insightful career tips on a weekly — sometimes daily — basis. With over 20k followers, Volas dishes out content dealing with personal branding, increasing your value at work, and sales strategy. 

Plus, you can count on Amy engaging with comments on her posts, providing even more value for your feed.

Check out this post from Amy:


25. Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc


Featured on: Sales Pipeline Radio Podcast, Sales Hack

Why you should follow: Matt Heinz is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is the guy that everyone goes to for sales advice and knows the ins and outs of what it means to be a good salesperson. 

Taking a quick glance at his LinkedIn you’ll be able to see just that with the plethora of resources and documents pinned as ‘Featured Content.’ 

Check out this post from Matt:

26. Patrick Downs - Sales Enablement & Training Manager, PandaDoc


Featured on: 5 on Friday, B2B Growth, 5onCast Podcast

Why you should follow: “A sales trainer soaked in nuclear waste” is the headline of Patrick Downs on LinkedIn. If that doesn’t make you want to hit follow I don’t know what will. Patrick is a sales leader at PandaDoc, hosts B2B Growth and 5onCast Podcasts, and is an advocate for mental health awareness within sales. 

What more can you ask for?

Check out this post from Patrick:

27. Justin Welsh - Founder, The Official Justin


Featured on: Revenue Collective

Why you should follow: Hands down, Justin’s content is one of the best I’ve seen on LinkedIn. Do you know anyone else who has coached SMB SaaS founders and sales leaders towards a recurring revenue of $50 million dollars?

My grandma always told me: If you want to be the best, learn for the best. In this case, Justin is the best and I love learning from him.

Check out this post from Justin:

28. Keenan - CEO & President, A Sales Guy Inc.


Featured on: Forbes, Gap Selling

Why you should follow: Yes, he only goes by one name and it’s Keenan. This powerhouse is someone you should follow just based on his immense contributions to the sales field. 

He is a successful salesman himself, Forbes contributor, author of a best-selling book and a successful CEO of A Sales Guy Inc.

Check out this post from Keenan:

29. Scott Leese - CEO & Founder, Scott Leese Consulting LLC


Featured on: Surf and Sales, Addicted to the Process

Why you should follow: Scott is known to be one of the top startup sales influencers in the entire country. He has a history of success and is a must have your LinkedIn feed. 

He not only is ready to share his knowledge, but goes even further to interact with his network on LinkedIn, his podcast and at sales conferences. 

Check out this post from Scott:


30. Scott Douglas Clary - Strategy and Growth, Grass Valley


Featured on: The Success Story Podcast, Forbes

Why you should follow: Scott is what I like to call a ‘unicorn’ in sales. Why? Because the work he does and content he produces is unreal. 

He has a sales focused podcast, has been featured In Forbes, WSJ, Hackernoon, Startup, and amassed over 90k followers on LinkedIn. 

Check out this post from Scott:

31. Nancy Nardin - Founder, Smart Selling Tools Inc.


Featured on: LinkedIn’s 15 Influential Sales Professionals

Why you should follow: Nancy led the way for mobile selling in the US. Don’t believe me? What if I told you she sold the world’s first laptop computer manufacturer in the early 1980’s.

She has been a firecracker since 1980 and is still one today. Her content continues to inspire and led her to be named one of the top 15 most influential sales professionals in 2019 on LinkedIn. 

Check out this post from Nancy:

32. Kenzie Cross - Director of Sales Development, Lessonly


Featured on: Revenue Collective

Why you should follow: Kenzie is motivated by coaching sales professionals across the world to hit both their personal and professional goals.

As a natural born leader and coach, Kenzie offers tangible solutions to everyday sales challenges that can be implemented in the matter of minutes. 

Check out this post from Kenzie:

33. Phil Minasian - Sales Operations, Clari


Featured on: Revenue Collective

Why you should follow: Phil makes being a cultural and people leader look easy! We all know the reality though, it’s not easy. How does he do it? Balance, investing in others and a great attitude. I walk away from his posts on LinkedIn (or roll away if I’m sitting in my desk chair) with energy and a newfound sense of optimism.

Check out this post from Phil:

34. Kameron Hobbs - Sr. Director, Global Marketing and Operations, AA-ISP


Featured on: Digital Marketing Institute 

Why you should follow: Like glue, Kameron brings everyone together at her day job working for AA-ISP and on LinkedIn where she calls the shots. On her page, you’ll find motivational posts, a community of people, and solutions around bringing people together no matter the medium. 

Check out this post from Kameron:

35. Bryan Elsesser - Senior Director, Sales Development, Aircall


Featured on: Revenue Collective

Why you should follow: What I love most about Bryan is his dedication to give back to those around him. He is a volunteer firefighter within his community and known industry wide as a great sales coach to young and seasoned professionals. 

Whether you are talking about fires or sales, you will be sure to learn something new under his wing. 

Check out this post from Bryan:

36. Victoria Jennings - Senior Sales Development Manager, SalesLoft


Why you should follow: Victoria posts text, videos and resources for sales professionals to take advantage of. She offers candid advice, asks thoughtful questions to viewers, and continues to stay relevant in today's world of sales.

Check out this post from Victoria:

37. Ashleigh Early - Coach and Consultant 


Featured on: The Other Side of Sales

Why you should follow: Value. Value. Value. This is a core focus for Ashleigh and it shines through every medium she is apart of. Following her gives you instant access to how to hire exceptionally, develop a scalable sales system and how you can leverage knowledge from customers to create accelerated sales cycles. 

Check out this post from Ashleigh:

38. Josh Fedie - Founder, SalesReach


Featured on: The Founders' Mentality

Why you should follow: Josh is a successful CEO and entrepreneur with the goal of driving results while given back. He hosts The Founders Mentality which is a mix between podcast and vlog episodes that dive deep into entrepreneurship and sales. 

These are then posted on LinkedIn with more traditional text posts. 

Check out this post from Josh:

39. Cory Bray - Managing Director, ClozeLoop


Featured on: Sales Enablement Society, Author

Why you should follow: With over 5 books under his belt, a UPenn business degree and experience as a leader in various roles, Cory is someone in the world of Sales people gravitate towards to learn from. Why? 

He has a unique expertise that is unmatched by others. Following him will give you insight in how to engage with prospects, increase pipeline and drive results. 

Check out this post from Cory:

40. Rex Biberston - Sales and Marketing Director, Opensense


Featured on: No Fluff

Why you should follow: Rex is a leader on and off LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, he drives conversations, and is a consultant for early stage companies. Off LinkedIn, he is an Eagle Scout and has written a No Fluff book on how to thrive as an early stage company. 

Check out this post from Rex:

41. Jeremey Donovan - SVP Sales Strategy and Operations, SalesLoft


Featured on: How to Deliver a Ted Talk

Why you should follow: Do you remember that one professor, teacher or mentor that changed your life? Would you believe me if I told you Jeremey Donovan was about to be that person for you on LinkedIn?

I promise he is! I’m not saying that because he is a professor at NYU, I'm saying that because he posts consistent content that is guaranteed to speak to you and change your life. 

Check out this post from Jeremy:

42. Alfie Marsh - Head of US Sales, Spendesk


Featured on: CFO Connect 

Why you should follow: Alfie has a perspective and worldview unlike most professionals on this list. Why? He has a diverse finance background, has worked in roles across the globe and has built businesses with over $1 million in revenue. 

Learning from him is incredible and you are able to do just that and even engage with him on LinkedIn. 

Check out this post from Alfie:

43. Allye O’Brien - Director of Revenue Operations, Chief


Featured on: #GirlsClub

Why you should follow: Allye is a seasoned sales professional currently based in New York who has creative posts and questions to engage her sales network. 

These posts typically foster advice from a variety of people and can give you diverse thoughts on a single question all in one place. 

Check out this post from Allye:

44. Corporate Bro - The best on this list. 


Featured on: LinkedIn, Slack, Instagram

Why you should follow: These sales savages are what everyone needs on their feed. Think weekly comedy sketches, memes, and videos all made in good fun for the office. 

This page unites sales-savages from around the world under the mantra: S.A.D.N.E.S.S.

"Sales are dope, never, ever, stop selling"​

Check out this post from Corporate Bro:

45. Sahil Mansuri - CEO, Bravado


Featured on: Accord, Atticus

Why you should follow: Bravado is the largest professional network for sales in the world and Sahil Mansuri is the CEO. He unties over 70,000+ B2B sellers and posts relevant content for them all. 

Not to mention Sahil is a powerhouse with degrees from The George Washington University, University of Oxford, and Stanford!

Check out this post from Sahil:

46. Gabe Villamizar - Evangelist, Lucidchart


Featured on: LinkedIn Learning, Digital Marketing Institute 

Why you should follow: Gabe constantly asks really unique questions related to sales that end up driving really great content and suggestions in the comments.

By following Gabe you are able to follow his posts, thoughtful questions, and then the narrative that unfolds within his comments. It’s incredible to see. 

Check out this post from Gabe:

47. Jake Dunlap - CEO, Skaled Consulting 


Featured on: VentureBeat

Why you should follow: Jake is a successful entrepreneur who has worked with enterprise companies such as Microsoft and LinkedIn to operationalize key aspects of sales and marketing within these organizations. What does that mean for you? 

You are able to follow along the journey of these incredible feats, learn by interacting with Jake's consistent posts and stay relevant towards what's going on in the sales industry. 

Check out this post from Jake:

48. Jason McElhone - Founder and CEO, RemoteSales


Why you should follow: Before remote work was popular, Jason was talking about it consistently on LinkedIn. Now? Now you will be able to find content around the combo of remote work and sales! 

Jason runs RemoteSales, the #1 remote sales growth company in the U.S. and provides insight into remote sales consulting and business development services to companies of all sizes. 

Check out this post from Jason:

49. Sam Jacobs - Founder, Revenue Collective

Featured on: Sales Hacker Podcast

Why you should follow: Sam Jacobs is next generation. There, I said it, he is the future and the future of sales. He founded the Revenue Collective which is a membership program for top performers and hosts the Sales Hacker Podcast which aims to uncover next level sales tactics used by the fastest growing companies in the world. 

Check out this post from Sam:

50. Todd Caponi - Managing Director, VentureSCALE


Featured on: Sales Melon, The Transparency Scale

Why you should follow: “Sales Historian” Todd Caponi has a sales perspective that is padded with a love for philosophy and behavioral/decision science research that will get you thinking. Thinking HARD. His posts offer insight into his mind and various sales thoughts that lead to a great amount of engagement from his network. Be a part of it!

Check out this post from Todd:

51. Colleen Francis - CEO, Engage Selling Solutions


Featured on: Nonstop Sales Boom, LinkedIn's #1 Sales Influencer 2020

Why you should follow: Colleen is the epitome of a Boss. Not only is she LinkedIn's #1 Sales Influencer of 2020, but she's been a sales leader for over two decades. Clients have pointed out Francis' no-nonsense approach to work, and her LinkedIn followers can concur.

If you want timely, relevant, and practical sales insights, there's only one woman to follow: Colleen Francis.

Check out this post from Colleen:

52. Richard Harris - Founder, The Harris Consulting Group


Featured on: Sales Hacker Podcast 

Why you should follow: Sales is all about active listening, asking questions and knowing when to ask the right questions. How can someone learn this? Two words. 

Richard. Harris.

This sales guru has decades of experience and has taught at some of the largest companies in the world. Learning from him is an incredible opportunity and it can start for you on LinkedIn. 

Check out this post from Richard:

53. Belal Batrawy - Startup Advisor, DeathtoFluff


Featured on: B2B Growth

Why you should follow: Belal is a 7x Startup Seller, 2x VP Sales, and Successful Startup Advisor. Not only that, but he is also the fearless community leader of #Death2Fluff on Bravado! 

A jack of all trades and someone who you should be following for startup, sales and legal advice on LinkedIn.

Check out this post from Belal:

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